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The rise of the electronics industry's downstream market has kept the industry's profit scale rising. Statistics show that the first quarter of this year, the electronic sector total net profit of 2.841 billion yuan, an increase of about 40%, the second quarter of the electronic sector total net profit of 4.092 billion yuan, the year-on-year growth of about 43%. This trend has been extended in the three quarter. According to the Chinese Securities News reporter statistics, as of September 24, the two cities have a total of 63 electronics industry listed companies announced three-quarter results, of which nearly 70% of the results will likely achieve positive growth. A number of companies in the statistical data show that 63 of listed companies in the electronic category, the performance is likely to achieve positive growth of 42, 9 of them net profit Year-on-year growth is expected to double, respectively, is the central shares, Yung Sheng Ultra Micro, Chunching, Jing Dongfang A, Jiawei shares, Seiko, National Light Electrical appliances, Offikang, Yu Shun electronics. The above 9 companies belong to the subdivision industry is more dispersed, including semiconductor materials, LED, panels, touch screen and many other fields, showing that this year the entire electronics industry fundamentals of a full range of plate-type listed companies to support. For individual companies, the reasons for the sharp increase in performance vary. Although the central shares in the electronic sector, but the production of silicon materials are mainly used in the field of photovoltaic. Last year was dominated by a cold snap across the PV market, with a net profit loss of around 100 million per cent in central. But this year, the PV market is showing signs of recovery, the central shares in the first quarter to achieve a net profit of 10 million yuan, and the net profit in the last year was flat; third-quarter results are still in the recovery channel, the company expects a three-quarter net profit margin of 40 million to 50 million yuan, the growth rate Also benefited from the fundamental improvement of the BoE. The first half, the color TV market hot, large size panel demand exuberant, Beijing east benefited a lot. And thanks to the outbreak of the smart machine market, small and medium size panels from behind, but also to the BoE opportunities. The company forecast that the three quarter performance strength does not change, the first three quarter to achieve net profit of 1.3 billion yuan to 1.4 billion yuan, the highest growth of 320.38%. Analysts believe that before the electronics industry focused on the focus of the intelligent supply chain of high-quality customers, but from the three quarterly performance forecasts, the supply chain's best customers-Apple's downstream business performance elasticity is relatively small, the top ten listed companies are not the Apple concept stocks, Instead, the Samsung concept stock Offikang, which pursues a low-cost approach, appears on the list. Observe the performance of cattle enterprise characteristics can be found, internal and external trapped enterprise performance recovery is obvious, such as Chunching Seiko, the company to Samsung's ultra-polar generation of companies, last year, the results of the annual performance losses, the company expects three quarter net profit up to 166% year-on-year. The first loss of the company's performance although most companies in the industry three quarter performance strength, but there are still 21 companies in the electronics sector to forecast the three-quarter net profit decline, of which 12 companies profit year-on-year decline of more than 50%, the top three of the company's new Jia Lian, star technology, beneficial to net profit fell year-on-year more than 400%. The new Ka Lian is mainly engaged inResearch and development of micro electro-acoustic devices such as receiver and micro loudspeaker. The company's customers more in foreign countries, products are mostly exported. According to the report, the company's revenue structure, export business revenue than domestic 4 times times, in recent years the continued appreciation of the renminbi to the company's business has been adversely affected. In the first half, the company's total operating income was 80.9 million yuan, down 37.67% from a year earlier, operating profit of 1208.42 yuan, down 471.12% from a year earlier. The company said that the notebook computer business into the project switching period, the number of orders dropped significantly, expanding the domestic smartphone and tablet computer market, failed to achieve expectations, low sales, high fixed costs, constant fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and so on, resulting in low gross margin, resulting in losses. The company expects net profit of three quarter to be-15 million yuan to 13 million yuan, net profit the biggest decline is 596.06%. New Kerry September 24 announced that the company will dispose of some of the idle assets in the future. This is clearly the company's passive move to save the year's results. Star Technology, a veteran Nokia concept unit, is also at a low ebb. Nokia swept the industry in the year, star technology as a Nokia phone cover glass provider, has been a concern. Early Nokia because of the acquisition of Microsoft has led to a sharp rise in the company's share price, but from the fundamental point of view, the message of the stimulus does not represent the fundamental improvement, star technology is expected to three quarter net profit-53 million to 48 million yuan, the decline of 571.59% to 527.1%. Star technology in recent years, the performance has been lower year-on-year, but the basic still can remain positive level, and from the first quarter of this year, the company began to lose net profit, the report loss of 39 million, the company's performance is still in the downward channel. However, the Star technology adjustment measures more positive. The company's early acquisition of the deep photoelectric is a strong initiative of the company's adjustment. A star technology analyst said the star technology is currently the biggest problem is that the product does not go to sea, tens of millions of pieces of cover glass no customers every year. Through the deep photoelectric downstream customers, star technology at least in the future in the capacity of the pressure will be much smaller. The company responsible for earlier in the Chinese securities newspaper reporter interviewed also said that the gradual "to Nokia" is the company's established strategy. Future disputes in the industry, the electronics industry is now in the last wave of supply season in the year. In the "11" holiday and the European and American traditional season, led by the recent increase in TV panel shipments but the price competition is still, small and medium-sized panel parts, after the inventory before the current has been gradually healthy, so the smartphone and tablet computer market deferred demand for the peak season is happening. However, Semi released August North American semiconductor equipment orders shipments than the b/b value of 0.98, for the first 2013 years below the 1.0 mark, breaking 7 consecutive months above 1.0 of the boom record. Because the BB value Index has a significant impact on trend trends, analysts believe that the future variables of the electronics industry areGreater controversy. Some analysts pointed out that wearable equipment this year is difficult to form a large-scale market, the electronics industry is facing the downstream blue sea market in the short term difficult to start the problem. Although the electronics industry, the surge in orders to ensure the performance of the three quarter, but in the electronics industry downstream following the lack of kinetic energy, the PE valuation of some stocks in the high price of the downward revision of the risk. There are also organizations that are optimistic about some of the short-term opportunities in the industry. Apple's concept stock is an example of a cliff-style decline in Apple's concept stocks, which began to rebound in recent days as sales figures came out. Some agencies say the Apple Concept unit, which has been hit by the wrong shot, will still have a chance in the short term.
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