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Time passed quickly, do stationmaster has more than a year, next year will graduate, then face to do full-time stationmaster or do amateur stationmaster's question. I asked myself, if I did a full-time webmaster how to go offline to promote my Taizhou information network? So I said I feel good about the offline promotion method to do a summary, and share with you.

First, business card promotion

You can look for delivery and other business card more people cooperate, can give him a very low price, or free card printing, as long as the business card with our website and URL on it, so it is mutually beneficial (kind of four or five yuan a box of cards on it). And in their own printing some business cards, in the running business, participate in activities to develop the habit of giving business cards, over time is also good.

Second, with the shop cooperation

Find some good shop in the local cooperation, to their own station for free to do a promotional page, advertising or website (Intelligent Building Station, I have this function on the station), let them in the shop billboard posted on our website URL, or more to the level, so that they send a flyer, on the list to bring our ads. General shops do not have their own site, to give them free station, they are printing business cards or leaflets, etc., will also take the initiative to bring them on our site on the website of the sites.

Iii. hiring people to collect information

Can recruit some work-study students, let them help you go to the street, the community to collect information, it is best to let them wear special clothes, can flaunt a little word effect will be better, so that can collect the original information, but also to a good publicity effect, you can personally to collect.

Iv. Giving small gifts

Can be on the weekends or holidays, in the lively square or mall, send the website information of some small gifts, such as balloons.

V. Activities and other cooperation hype

Local activities, you can find them to cooperate, for example, some concerts or games and so on, free to their publicity, if the online part can be put on our station to hold, it would be better. Including voting, consultation, results announcement, etc. It would be best if you could organize your own activities.

VI. cooperative promotion of Internet cafes

Internet cafes in fact can be used up, the effect is also good, if you can set the browser home page to the homepage of our website is the best, if not, you can also pay to buy posters on the wall (generally can buy short-term ads, after the expiration of general also no other people to advertise.) The boss is also lazy to drop off, if can with network management or boss and other responsible person to pull up relationship, can spend a little money. Poster method can also be in the bus station and other places, do the advertising, the effect is also good. I have seen some talent network to do so (because like the development of a good city, especially the coastal areas, many outsiders to find work, see such ads, your station will give him a deep impression.) First impressions are often important.

VII. Brochure

This method can be implemented well, but also good, you find some computer repair, hotel reservations, send out, send water, send cakes and other life services businesses. Give them in your A4 size brochure to do their ads, receive a 100 yuan once, in order to prevent fierce competition, can be the same nature of the industry, only one or two. Ten thousand or twenty thousand copies of each booklet are issued every one months or longer. A 30 percent brochure printed 20,000, cheap words also about 2000 yuan. In addition to these commonly used life information in the brochure can also pull some sponsorship, on the other side, printed on the urban map, the sponsorship of enterprises and businesses can be shown above, can also put their photos. Remind: mainly see your executive power and brochure of practical degree, good words, send down, will not be when spam ads thrown away. If you do well, you can make money and advertise your website. If you don't do a good job, just pay the flyers.

Of course there are a lot of ways to promote offline, this is the way I see the feeling is still good. Not good, please do not mind and correct, this hope that these seven line promotion side to you will be a little help. Finally, I wish you all can find a suitable promotion method. Taizhou Information Network stationmaster provides.

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