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Yesterday took part in a promotion of the conversion rate of the salon, feel that the participants, some friends of the problem to understand very thoroughly, some friends understand the extent of the dare not to compliment, Hei heh. Personally feel to want to improve the conversion rate of the site, you can start from the following places.

First, make sure the website is turned on properly. Website can operate normally, is the most basic means to attract customers. If a site is often not open or open a very slow situation, even if your natural rankings do a good job, advertising more, it is not attractive to new customers, but also the old customers also scare away. Moreover, the website can not run normally, it is difficult to have a good ranking, because the site normal operation, SEO ranking factor is a very important factor.

First, find out the main source of the website. In my website, the main source of traffic is three places, one is through the natural ranking search, and the second is through Google ads, the third is the old customers directly into the Web site, and different sources of traffic, need to do kung fu in different places to improve the conversion rate. The flow through the natural search, because the user is the first contact with the site, so be sure to pay attention to the user to leave a good impression. Like a blind date, first impressions are always important. To give users a good impression, it involves the structure of the site and art this piece, what kind of web design more attractive, is a very important issue. If the site design this piece is not very rich experience, you need more testing. Through Google ads to the flow, the user's desire to buy is the most direct, so for different products to design different landing page, so that users in the first time to see their own products, landing page design, The first element is to be purposeful, let users directly under the single best, the old customers directly into the URL over the flow, because it is the old customers, for the site and our product quality is a certain understanding, this time as long as the attention to timely delivery, or customers have any questions in a timely manner to answer it, The client was saved in the accident.

Third, optimize the order process. Whether new customers or old customers, the flow of the next single process is very important, new customers this is particularly obvious. If the order process is not successful, it is likely that new customers will be lost. This should be conceivable, modern life is very busy, not a few people will have a good patience to study your site under a single process, if in the process of order, there is a step down, under normal circumstances, customers will go directly.

Four, quality, customer service, delivery speed. The good quality can let the customer purchase two times, or introduce to the relatives and friends around, conversely, if the product quality is not good, then the light will lead to customer refunds, the heavy is likely to let customers complain or affect the brand image; many people in the marketing, will despise the role of customer service, but, customer service is the window of corporate image, Customer service in peacetime work directly with the customer Exchange, customer service work directly affect the impression of the enterprise, so we must do a good job customer service, otherwise the market has not been easy to pull in the customer, customer service this side and the customer drive away, that would outweigh the gains. Customer service work well done, will also attract customers to buy two times, shipping is the final step of the order, you can go to tidy up their own data to see how many orders are due to the issue of the problem caused by the user refund complaints.

The above is a person feel more important place, there are a lot of specific details of things are not written out, this is needed in the specific work to understand.

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