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Site Link building is nothing but internal links and external links, long-term SEO experience to tell us that link building is an indispensable SEO optimization content. External links have a link building, is for everyone again familiar. Seems to have seen a sentence, a friendship link to pass the weight is worth 10 of ordinary links. Here not to seriously, but the link does have its role. According to Hefei SEO these months operation orders found, friendship links for the site construction more and more show handle double-edged sword, if the operation can be very good to enhance the weight of your site, vice versa may harm your website. This may be linked to the sale, the station group, the black chain of popularity, the search engine is changing its link algorithm. In return, the proper construction of friendship links to your website is still useful.

1, do not pay too much attention to the PR value, also can not ignore. PR value mainly reflects the external link of a website, from one aspect reflects the weight of the site. But it is the weight of the site on the one hand, can not only be based on the PR value to weigh the weight of the site.

2, Domain name registration time, Alexa ranking, keyword ranking. The longer the domain name Search engine Trust, its weight is undoubtedly higher than the new domain name. SEO purpose is to achieve traffic, Alexa rankings to a certain extent, can reflect the level of traffic, in this sense, Alexa rankings can also reflect the quality of the link (not cheat obtained Alexa rankings). Exchange of the target keyword does not necessarily have to be ranked in the top ten or the first 20, generally ranked in the first more than 10 pages on a certain weight and ranking ability.

3, the website snapshot. Snapshots of the new description of the spider crawling very frequently, that is to add the link can be quickly retrieved, then undoubtedly improve your site by the probability of spider patronage.

4, the Exchange Link page export link. Page export links more, each link can be divided into less weight, so the link to you pass the weight is very small.

5, Link location. The weight of the general homepage is higher than the weight of other pages. Also pay attention to place the link is not able to be spiders to crawl to (generally want to frame, JS spiders can not crawl, then the equivalent of a single chain to others).

6, the website relevance, the regularity. The relevance of the site is mainly reflected in the relevance of the topic, and then the specific point is the relevance of the content. And the formal nature is not difficult to understand, can not be reactionary, pornographic and so on the station do friends chain exchange, under normal circumstances, such as such as to pay attention to.

The above mentioned requirements are the best form of exchange links, if the exchange of friendship links have reached these standards, then this link is the need for links, the so-called can not be asked. We in the actual exchange of links in the process can not adhere to these requirements, to do is to try to approach the requirements. Above by Hefei SEO original starting, the original address reproduced the statement of origin.

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