Several operational thinking to be mastered by excellent stationmaster

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Chinese Internet users have broken 420 million, this is only last September data, can imagine in this nearly a year of time in China's Internet users increased how much, it is estimated that by 2012 Chinese Internet users are expected to break through the 600 million mark, behind this data is implied by the Internet offers a variety of opportunities. Internet users in general to watch news, entertainment, shopping, work, and as a webmaster is the use of this vast Internet market to find business opportunities, the use of personal ingenuity to create opportunities, the Nuggets in the Internet to achieve success.

Each stationmaster must experience from the rookie to prawn's process, this is the stationmaster grows must pass the stage. Each webmaster stand to become an excellent webmaster, using their ability to do the station to achieve success, however, the length of this phase is different, to see the site webmaster in the process of harvesting the experience and personal learning ability. As someone has said, "the quickest way to succeed is to replicate the success of others." "Doing Web sites is the same, learning from winners and applying their experiences to themselves is a quicker way to get success." Through the site operators may encounter problems to be solved, we suggest to become excellent webmaster should master the following operational thinking:

Goal-guided thinking. Website to be successful, must go to the direction, have a clear goal. At the same time, this goal must be scientific, reasonable and feasible. Webmaster to the site before the development of the Web site to design a certain path, through the plan to set clear goals, and then use the goal of their own web site operations to guide, according to the plan to carry out the construction and operation of the website. Meanwhile, combined in the operation of the problems encountered in the process of continuous summary and reflection, find inadequate or loopholes, can not go a way to the black, but need to be revised or innovative, so that the development of the site more realistic, increase the probability of success, speed up the site to achieve the goal, the speed of success.

Website to promote the thinking of marketing. At the beginning of the new website, the most important thing is to improve the content, carry out targeted and effective promotion, in the target user group to promote marketing, both for the site to bring the target user group, to obtain more traffic, can also lay the foundation for the profitability of the site, for the follow-up of the profit work well prepared. Therefore, as a webmaster should be familiar with the site to promote the use of commonly used methods and promotion of the platform, often use a variety of appropriate opportunities to promote the Web site, in this process, but also familiar with the target user's psychology, so as to take a more appropriate way to make users interested, specific promotional methods can refer to the previous article A5 Talking about the method of "effect guiding" in the promotion of marketing.

User analysis of the thinking. The value of the site is to provide certain groups of information or content, and then get a certain crowd support, also brought traffic. On this basis, using their own characteristics, to develop a suitable site theme and positioning of the profit model. Therefore, users can be said to be the key to success or failure of the site, but also to measure the degree of development and stability of a website is an important indicator. As a webmaster so need to be good at user psychology to estimate and grasp, on the one hand, the use of user psychology to attract users, and constantly cultivate loyal users to obtain new users, on the other hand in the operation process, timely understanding of users of the site's views and suggestions, and constantly on the site around the needs of

The thinking of the website profit mode. When the new Web site to a certain scale, content and user groups have gradually enriched and stabilized, then it is necessary to consider how to profit, in other words, to find their own web site profit model. As a webmaster must often according to the site's location, characteristics and user group characteristics, for the site to make a profit model positioning and innovation, such as the general profit without hanging outside such as Google, Baidu and other advertising alliance ads, or to download fees for members, VIP service charges, Or for the reality of the merchant hanging Monthly package ads, and so on, these models are not fixed, need to webmaster according to their own characteristics of the site to combine to find a suitable profit model.

New webmaster to grow smoothly, gradually transformed into a qualified webmaster, the need is perseverance in learning and efforts, only good from the experience of summing up, and constantly explore new ways, to be able to operate the website more smoothly, the site successfully hit a long-term profitability of the platform, through the station to achieve success. These thoughts, of course, are not complete, just for the new webmaster to provide reference and reference, more ideas you can also refer to another article "A5 the success of the successful profitability of the four core elements", hope to be more for everyone to find suitable for their own web site development, so that the success of the Web site development model and approach. This article by the Weight loss drug list first, reprint please indicate the copyright source.

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