Several problems to be paid attention to in planning and popularizing in the initial stage of construction station

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Many webmasters are in a hurry to buy the domain name, buy space, and then can not wait to discuz or move the network or CMS program to pass up, the site is built up, in fact, these are not considered the planning and positioning of the webmaster committed the primary error. I am here to talk about how the new webmaster should build a station of the most basic steps, only to develop good work habits and procedures for your future site management and development is the most help.

First: Domain name after registration do not rush to build the site, you first need to do is to do an HTML page to pass up, you have planned the site name and keyword positioning and related SEO Basic optimization work to build up.

Second: In 2 months after the month should be Google and Baidu has been included, and now you can build your site and forum, the site after the notice must not delete your original HTML file, but your default home file do not use this HTML file. And the most important thing here is the new good site more to do SEO basic optimization, the site's keywords, descriptions and so on to do well, and try not to change in a short time.

Third: The basic site optimization has, the beginning of the site structure, the structure of the site to follow the guidelines are Ningquewulan, do not all-inclusive, to fine and specialized, with your site positioning closely combined with the classification or section!

Four: In the site after a few days you found that some need to adjust the need to change, do not want to change, remember not to have big moves, a two small plate adjustment problems, but large structural adjustment to your advice is to draw up a plan, follow the principle of regular adjustment, such as 3-month adjustment once or half a year, there is no urgent need not to change, of course, this also requires your site before the initial positioning and planning work to do in place, need to spend some effort, so as to avoid random changes.

Five: The site has been built to fill in the beginning content, here the content of the initial enrichment can be collected or special copy and paste method content enrichment, but you need to note that you collect and copy other people's content, this period must not go to the major search engines, not to use Google's management tools, After you have a certain amount, for example, after collecting content more than 500, you start to adhere to the month one weeks original and copy other people's article to modify the original work, adhere to a week about accumulated 20-30 original articles, now you can do the major search engine login work, Google's administrator tools can also be used, friendship links can also start to do, forum ads, paste and other promotional work can be carried out, specifically not to say, here Admin5 has been a lot of articles about if you do these jobs.

OK, so your site is starting to get on track, should not be 3 days, you as long as the correct use of Google's administrator tools, within 3 days Google should have included, Baidu within 2 weeks is also included, and within a week should have relevant keywords from the search engine to bring traffic over. Well, not much to say, specific or need you do do I speak these days.

And the theory is to need practice to prove, and my experience is proven by practice, you can be assured to operate, you must be certain to help.

Well, good experience to share with you, my worry bar on the field, Http:// is a heart trouble, looking for a good medicine, free to share the happiness of the interactive platform of netizens, you are welcome to have anything to say, to stroll, Your replies and posting is the greatest support for me, but also let me the most happy to eliminate the most effective day fatigue medicine!

Finally, we work together to learn together and progress together!

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