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The PR value is accurate, is not a general network terminology, it is Google to evaluate a website's basic scoring system, the highest is divided into 10 points, the lowest divided into 0 points, China's highest divided into 9.

We can compare the PR value to the social rank of people, Google does not know all the stations, just as Google does not know all of us, they judge a station of the outstanding or not, the judge is the external relationship of the station, that is, the quality and number of backlinks, if a person's friends, are hall-level cadres, Then this person will not be a social low-level, if a person's friends, are rural farming, he will not be a senior cadre.

We provide our PR value method is to increase the link, we are depressed one thing, that is, do not know where to send, do not know how to send.

We can look at Tong QQ space, he wrote the article is added to the link, and then encourage everyone to reprint his article, this appearance will bring him a lot of backlinks.

We all have a certain amount of resources in hand, for example, a few days ago he is to let everyone help him to send ads to QQ space, and then add the link, this effect is very small, because most of the QQ space is not included in the search engine, we can do the reverse link code, when the other party copy and submit to their website, It's a straight back link.

For example, I wrote an article, and then I wrote [url=] entrepreneurship [url] I put this piece of code into my article, and is set to white, this way other people in the process of reproduction can not see, I and you say, Who help me to send this article to a forum or on their own blog, then I will send you a full set of Millan notes, this way the other side of the process, it brought us a reverse link.

Network success is the most value of the two sentences, one is that they do not do or do not want to do, by others to complete. We don't want to do backlinks, because it's annoying, but we have a lot of human resources in hand, so we should actively use these resources.

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