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Free space is also called free web hosting, or free web space. At present, China offers a lot of free space, Baidu about "free space" you can find the huge number. Maybe a lot of people have not had the enthusiasm of looking for free space a few years ago, and now the status quo of free space is indeed a bit foggy flowers, in order to let the novice brothers still looking for free space less detours, I test Several domestic and foreign space, found that there are still many good space for you to dig.

Relative to the free space abroad, the common problem in the domestic space is that space is small, some space is very slow, but also limited the flow of traffic, many do not provide backup, cold also had to prevent data to emptied, or to be full Ads hanging screen space business, I remember when I originally used 68 Internet-only 50M static space, it is because they later imposed N ads, I gave up.

The following is a comparison of several well-known domestic free space provider evaluation results (for reference):


Trial Report: Gateway through the wing of the network, is China's largest, the earliest and most professional free space provider, I think a lot of people start to learn to do personal home page is from start! Stable, high-speed 2000M all-around free space, unlimited space, powerful and convenient online management background, support for FTP operations, free space free binding international domain name, complimentary Access / SQL / MySQL database, space script support ASP, PHP, etc. , The use of top-level portal space will be used server clustering technology, in general, is the current domestic large space inside is very good, and their customer service staff are responsible for, attitude is also very good, to deal with the problem is timely. The only thing that needs to be explained is that the free 2G gateway to the portal is only available to websites that have a certain amount of traffic, that is, if your website does not have hundreds of IPs a day, it is hard to apply for it.


Trial Report: Although the space is large, you can bind the domain name, businesses say free forever, imagine a site is not done vegetarian, everyone goes for free, 5944 employees and the boss is also starved to death, so he will do everything possible to find Your contact information, advise you to use the VIP space, if you promised, free can be retained, if you do not agree, free out of 2/3 days will disappear without a trace, if you buy 30 yuan space They see you still have oil and water fishing, will your website speed limit. Or often can not open, so you will find their own reason to go, if you are tofu and fat, add money to buy 300 yuan VIP level, if you are green radish dry chai fire, then at most and those rubbish noisy Sentence, and then is bye bye, I belong to the vegetable radish Dry Chai fire, until you run out of slag, useless when your station has become a Trojan or illegal content, please you out.


Trial reports: often known as the official website to provide unlimited free space, and can be permanently free, online WEB, FTP management, unlimited two domain names, support ASP ASP.NET PHP three kinds of scripts to support ACCESS MSSQL MYSQL to meet a variety of needs. Support HTML, ASP, ASP.NET1.0, ASP.NET2.0 and PHP variety of scripts. Although often provided by the network space can not be strictly free, and the speed of feeling sometimes very slow, the domain name binding also personally feel more difficult (need gold), and the seemingly customer service attitude is not relatively well.


Trial Report: volcano free host support PHP5 + MySQL5 / ASP + Access; space is not limited to the amount of traffic; but 10G space and 50M database space provided a little disparity, and volcanic interconnection free space has many limitations, if contact 15 days No visit, it will be space to suspend, there are restrictions on the size of the file upload; when the site of the day ip reached about 1500 when the site will often be unable to access the free space volcano Internet does not provide backup services and data recovery services, Nor provide technical support services;

In addition to the free space mentioned above, there are many more well-known domestic space, such as ik8 I played a few years ago, etc., here is no longer enumerated.

Relative to the domestic free space, the ubiquitous problem in foreign space is that slow, unfamiliar control panel, from time to time GFW, the domain name is not good to deal with .......

The following is a comparison of several well-known foreign free space provider evaluation results (for reference):


Trial Report: 700Megs from the United States to provide you with 1400M free space, 7000M monthly flow, but a single file limit less than 20M and file type restrictions, FTP, Web upload management files, support for PHP5, to provide five MySQL database, 5 MySQL users, using LayeredPanel management panel, the management panel can be a key to install WordPress, phpBB2, Xoops, Joomla, Mambo dozens of popular PHP programs. Provide a free two domain name, you can bind two top-level domain, but can not bind the second-level domain name. And other LayeredPanel management panel space is not the same, 700Megs support outside the chain and PHP Sendmail, support for a larger single file, and can upload a very large number of types of files, speed, no ads. Most importantly, I tried for a month, only interrupted for 10 minutes, and has never been GFW. And can absolutely tie their own international corn, documents can be outside the chain.


Trial Report: The free PHP space size limit is: 5GB; Monthly traffic limit: 2GB; This free space uses LayeredPanel management panel; Supports FTP / WEB upload and management of documents; Supports PHP and provides 5 MySQL database; Can Binding domain name or Free FreeX official free second-level domain name; Background can be a key to install WordPress, phpBB2, Joomla and other php programs; FreehostX free space is not bad; Unfortunately, the space has been GFW, not been When GFW, the speed and space quality are better than 700Megs. For EN station is still good, with agents dealing with the background, the speed is fast.


Trial reports: 20G web space, 10G traffic /, 5 MySQL databases, WEBFTP, FTP support, providing a second-level domain name for, providing technical support at this space speed level Great, visit faster than some with the country together. Unfortunately, the use of file FTP is limited, and WEBFTP also limits the upload of certain files. Want to pass a few pages, plus a few ads are very difficult.

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