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April 22 News, Shanda Games announced by the Japanese game maker Sega Development RPG hand Tour "Chain wars." Shanda Game CEO Zhang revealed that Shanda's own IP revenue ratio reached more than 60%, the future focus will also be through a variety of channels to introduce and launch high-quality hand-travel products, including self-research and agents.

Recalling the 2013 Zhang said, Shanda in the hands of the operation mainly made two new attempts: first, through the "Million King Arthur" to carry out the operation of the innovation; the second is to try to go through the Grand Game Hand Tour boutique operation mode "G home" through the traditional games and mobile game users between the channel.

He thinks, the hand swims the market is entering the era of product, service, price comprehensive competition, at this time fine product, fine operation will show its value. and relative to the simple hand tour enterprises, the end of the company after the transformation of the past, there are users, resources, the most important is the hand tour more needs to operate, especially good products must be better operation.

The impact on the development of 4G network rivals Zhang said that as users of mobile phone entertainment needs to upgrade, hand Tour has begun to diversify, from the easy to start, fragmented products to the beauty of the picture, more operational, more consistent game development, mobile games show the characteristics of the end of the swim All these are inseparable from the continuous improvement of the mobile internet facilities.

Zhang that the domestic trend can refer to the development of mobile Internet earlier Japan and South Korea, the overall quality of hand travel can reach a very high level, scenes and special effects and other details have been not far away from the end of the trip.

Zhang predicts that 2014 hand tour market scale will also maintain high-speed growth, although the volume of hand travel is not as good as the end of the tour, but after more than 10 years of high-speed development, has entered a smooth development stage, and the hand tour market is still in the early days, so the growth rate will be very fast.

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