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Recently, the author darkened a few originally will open the real estate, get the news is "Wait, we are ready to do fine decoration room, opening may be postponed." At the same time, the author learned that Dahua Group is four projects at the same time to rebuild the hardcover repair room, the news also received the company marketing planning manager Zhang Jie's positive response: "This is a group of strategic adjustment." "In fact, a lot of roughcast rooms have become renovated recently."    In addition to last week's report of the nine city Lakeside, the ancient North International Garden, Lou Bay, The good world and the Ming Garden Forest City of the row of the project and so joined the hardcover ranks. Phenomenon: "The naked Clothes" all raise the price "Our 2 bedroom interior use is everybody familiar brand, for example Big gold, many musicians, Siemens and so on." "October 23 morning, Dahua Lanshire Case Manager Tang Min is in detail and customers to introduce the recent renovation room." "Because it was the group's first appearance after finishing the strategy, Lanshire used things that really made us very confident." Tang Min introduced: Lanshire is expected to push more than 100 sets of hardcover 2 rooms in the near future. At present, the project two-phase apartments sold out, the price of nearly 20,000 yuan/square meters, so the industry estimated three period will be at 22,000 yuan/square meters. "The first quarter of next year, Fairview Huacheng, Yangcheng expensive, Indus City, the hardcover repair rooms are also launched."  Zhang Jie discloses. "At the beginning of the year, there are plans to do fine decoration, now 44 sets of Ming yuan urban Forest of the hardcover joint has been formed." "For the modified pricing, Ming Yuan Group Co., Ltd. Sales Manager He Maoyun is not taboo:" The price of the listing at the beginning of 45000-50000 yuan/square meters, now a big six months later, we have adopted the top of the interior, is expected to push the new homes of the unit price of 100,000 yuan/square meters.  "He Maoyun is very confident. Reason: Do hardcover more All its beauty "do hardcover trend." "Zhang Jie told the author," Along with the development of many years, plus the first half of the market, customer level in the development, the enterprise concept to convert, the product naturally to upgrade. Also for ordinary citizens, Vanke wins in the Huxing innovation, Dahua wins in the details to build. For example, our socket jack up and down distance than the general 2-3 mm, can be used at the same time two eyes and three sockets. "The background of promoting the above design is that the fine decoration has been widely accepted." According to Han Yu real estate incomplete statistics, the central area hardcover repair room has reached 50%. "November we will push 228 sets of 60-180 square meters of decoration room." From the current customer accumulation, it is likely that the opening is bursting. "Chuang Zhi Fang Sales staff said.  As the only new home in the center plate of this year's Wujiaochang, the house has been snapped before, and the current batch has been a concern since the start of the operation, and there are thousands of customers visiting during the 11 period. "Decoration room not only enhance the quality of the property, but also conducive to the establishment of corporate and brand image."  Hua Yan analyst Zhang Qing Yi summed up. Remind: Do not become an excuse for price increases this year, the real estate market explosion so that developers expect good, price increases desire. Modification or announced to improve the cost of decorationis one of the means. Huang, head of research at the real Estate market Center in 21st century, sharply pointed out. Han Yu Real estate research and development director Shao Minghao also agreed: The developers will be roughcast room into a full decoration room is a number of considerations. First, the cost of centralized procurement is low, and companies can benefit from it. Single housing needs to achieve 1500-2000 yuan/square meters of decoration standards, centralized decoration hundreds of yuan can achieve the same effect. Secondly, in a good market environment, decoration room can effectively improve the price, in the market poor environment, can also be the same price promotion without causing the early owners protest. This becomes the developer hand an important marketing strategy. It should be pointed out that, as the housing decoration needs a process, it is reasonable to postpone the push, the rise in the market can also be a legitimate "cover plate" strategy, should not be used as an excuse for raising prices.
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