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Yangxiaoyin ancient floors, dim lights, gorgeous posters, the old gramophone came the "evening primrose" decadent.  The whole shop is full of thick oriental amorous feelings, colorful high panties Shina revealing the back and legs of the sexy curve, showing a luxurious world of luxury. "On the beach," lbs, is an accent app, a beach sound album, the user group to travel back to the last century in the 30 's old Shanghai.  With the user looking for the site of the smallest capital of Shanghai beach, in this way "sticky" users. Hong Kong businessman Tang founded the "on the Beach" brand, initially only the Hong Kong family can accept the custom tailor shop number.  Later, the operation is not optimistic, in 2000, Tang will most of the shares sold to the peak group, after the brand was relocated, the product style from the original pure Chinese to western and western, and identified a world-class luxury brand positioning. "With the Western and western, to the city as the main line show lifestyle concept, the application of digital media will naturally." "He Yayu, the designer of the app City chic on the beach, told the China Business news reporter."  How to show Chinese culture and way of life in a manner acceptable to the international fashion industry, and to integrate Oriental luxury elements into western style, Shanghai Beach is doing its best to try. With the initial idea, He Yayu and the team began to consider what concepts and perspectives to permanently retain consumers. "If ' citychic ' has only a few product introductions, consumers may download it once, but quickly delete it, and we have to give the consumer a reason to leave it and use it regularly." "It's not hard to provide useful information to consumers, and we understand that what consumers want to know most about is the interesting places, photos, and information surrounding his life," He Yayu said. "In fact, January 15, 2010, Shanghai Beach, the first concept restaurant opened in Shanghai, which strengthened the Shanghai beach began to play the confidence of lbs."  Shanghai Beach brand has luxury properties, so as long as the luxury and Shanghai Beach brand personality, its products can be across many categories.  After all the ideas mature, Shanghai Beach has not chosen and the existing LBS site to cooperate with the mainstream way, but through the professional company to develop their own applications, as the calendar group's first launch of the iphone has the lbs pedigree of the application brand, "on the beach" is to eat a crab. In the citychic of the platform, the application itself embedded in Beijing and Shanghai have petty bourgeoisie restaurant bars, hotels, shopping malls and cultural venues, from Shanghai's Waitan, French concession to Beijing's old Hutong, three Li Tun, "on the beach" to accurately grasp its core users of the consumer psychology. Another point into each restaurant, not only can be detailed inquires to the address, telephone and pictures, but also very intimate design of the convenience of outsiders or foreigners looking for functions-"Taxi card", the core information can be placed horizontally, "Please take me to xxx, address xxx, at a glance." "Of course, these businesses and the" go to the Beach "mode of cooperation will be further developed, such as adding "sign in" mode and so on. So far, the official microblogging of Shanghai Beach has gathered tens of thousands of fans, and the separate opening of the Shanghai Beach restaurant Weibo also has more than 3,000 fans, they actively seek and share with the app application of food, beauty, and "On the beach," the brand influence has also been greatly improved, has become the peak group under the third largest profit brand.
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