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Xinhua Shanghai, July 4, under the leadership of the Shanghai Minhang government, the building of the accident in Shanghai "Lotus River King Garden" developers and the owner of 4th held a communication meeting.  The representative of the developer apologized to the landlord and pledged to resolve the problem through consultation or judicial means within a reasonable and lawful range.  4th 10 o'clock, Minhang petition office led the "Lotus Riverside King Garden" owners representative communication, House owners representatives, property developers entrusted to lawyers and Minhang Construction and Transport Committee, the Judicial Bureau, the Housing Authority, Zhen and other functional departments to participate in the communication, the parties to the consultation. In the communication meeting, "Lotus Riverside King Garden" real estate developers Mei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. commissioned by the lawyer on behalf of developers to the owners apologize. Developers promise that, starting from July 5, commissioned lawyers in nearby Luoyang Primary school reception owners.  In response to the owner's cancellation of the contract, return of the housing, compensation for the loss of the issue, counsel said that the plan will come out as soon as possible, in a reasonable and lawful range, through consultation or judicial means to solve the problem. The government of Shanghai Minhang said that before the communication meeting, after the communication with the site owners, the meeting is divided into two batches: the first batch of objects to reach the site of the inverted building owners, elected more than 20 people to participate in the meeting; the second batch of objects is by the owners of the surrounding buildings around the building of democratic recommendations generated by the owners representative 20 people,  Each building generates 2 delegates. At the meeting, the Minhang Office also informed the owners ' representatives of the work of the Minhang government in coordinating and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the owners in the past week. After the accident, Minhang instructed the developers to contact the owner quickly and inform the relevant situation, timely to the relevant banks to understand the bank loans and loan processing advice, and the accident related to the responsible personnel and developers of the funds have been effectively controlled.  The owners expressed their satisfaction with this. At the same time, Minhang was set up by the district, the town two-level petition Department, the parties involved in the on-site reception point, to accept the purchase of the owners of the views and appeals and comb the summary. In line with the government's principle of taking Taiwan and harmonizing the law, the District Judicial Bureau coordinates the Shanghai Bar Association, provides the Legal Service platform, enables the lawyer to participate in the reception to the landlord, and provides the related legal consultation and so on service. At present, the Shanghai Bar Association has specifically selected 74 of the construction of real estate professional lawyers, for the majority of owners choose their own. On the afternoon of July 5, the Shanghai Bar Association will provide consulting services to the owners of the Shanghai Southwest Engineering School.
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