Shanghai Electric will increase revenue by 10% per annum in the next two years

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December 13, Shanghai Electric (601727. sh/ Chamber Wu, said in an interview with reporters: "The company is expected to achieve 2010 operating income of 60 billion yuan, 2011, 2012-year operating income is expected to grow 10% per annum, gross margin is up 1% per annum." "Wu said:" 2011, 2012 years of growth in operating income mainly through two start-up, that is, mergers and acquisitions to achieve rapid development. The acquisition target will focus on companies that have synergies with the company and downstream. She said, for example, that in October this year, Shanghai Electric signed a letter of intent with the Italian Anglo-Rockwell, and plans to set up the world's largest desalination joint venture to invest 500 million euros. "Desalination has a synergistic effect with the company's thermal power business." "The biggest increase in gross profit margins comes from the nuclear field. As long as conquer the casting and forging technology, the gross profit margin of nuclear power equipment can increase from current 15% to 20%, "Wu said, the large-scale casting and forging technology has finished 80%.  Since the construction of nuclear power plant has a 5-year deadline, so in order to achieve the National 2020 86 Million-kilowatt of the nuclear power installation planning, the company in 2012, 2013 will usher in the peak. She said that as of September 30, 2010, Shanghai Electric Nuclear power in the hands of the order of about 37 billion yuan, of which the island part accounted for 20 billion yuan. "The island will receive an annual income of 3 billion-4 billion yuan, 2 billion-3 billion yuan a year, and a total of 5 billion to 7 billion yuan/year." "" "fan production scale rapid expansion, expanding the bargaining power, gross margin is expected to improve," she said, compared to the 2009 income of 1.2 billion yuan, "2010 year wind turbine sales revenue is expected to reach 3 billion yuan, 2011 is expected to reach 5 billion yuan." "" "The company's thermal power unit gross profit margin of about 20%, is currently digesting the introduction of Germany's KW unit, to be absorbed after the technology, gross margin will rise," she said, the company's thermal power equipment in China market share of 52%, the current 5-year order has been full, and has more than  But China's policy tends to support the new energy industry, and thermal power investment is expected to fall below 30% per cent of the overall supply investment. "The company through vigorously explore the international market and large services industry to solve, there are more than 1/3 overseas orders, about 88 billion yuan, expected 2015 One-second for overseas orders," Wu said, this October, the company undertook to date the largest contract, will be exported to India 36 660MW supercritical thermal Power generating units  , amounting to $8.291 billion trillion.  In the first half of 2010, Shanghai Electric New Energy, efficient clean energy, industrial equipment and modern services accounted for the main income of 11.5%, 41.75%, 30.32% and 17.95% respectively. 2010 years ago in the three quarter, Shanghai electric revenue rose 6.6% to 45.78 billion yuan Year-on-year, gross margin rose 3.8% to 17.2%, net profit of 2.37 billion yuan, up from the same period last year 11.6%. December 10, Shanghai Electric A shares closed at 8.46 Yuan, rose 0.71%;h shares closed at HK $5.59, down 1.76%.
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