Shanghai high-rise residential building collapsed, causing owners to check out tide

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June 27 5:30 A.M. Xu, Shanghai Minhang "Lotus Riverside King Garden" in the construction site of the building on the 13-storey body building accident, resulting in 1 workers died. The property is adjacent to Lake Pu River, from Shanghai Zhongxin Construction Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mei Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. development. The Shanghai municipal government has called for the immediate formation of a joint investigation team to investigate the cause of the accident.  From the planning, construction permits, bidding, qualification management, construction drawing review, project supervision and other aspects of the review, and in accordance with the law open. China Securities News reporter from Shanghai online real Estate trading center learned that Lotus Riverside King Garden 629 sets of total, has sold 489 sets.  At present, many owners have started to check out in the developer department, while the other residential owners in the community are also concerned about the quality of housing, and have consulted the check-out matters.  The exact cause of the accident is still under investigation, as of June 27, the preliminary findings of the joint investigation team showed that there were no displacements, settlements and slopes in other buildings under construction and in the vicinity of the building, and there was no displacement or rupture of the pipelines in the vicinity, and the possibility of secondary disasters was being investigated for specific reasons. It is understood that the house collapsed the day before, near the lake in the flood control wall has appeared more than 70 meters landslide danger, the relevant parties are overnight organization rescue. As the property has not yet been completed for use, the collapse did not lead to casualties of residents.  But the accident occurred when workers were in the building, 1 of whom were tragically killed. According to the experts of the building field of Southeast University and Tongji, this kind of overall inverted pattern is extremely rare in the accident, the reason needs to investigate in detail, whether with the flood control wall collapses related also difficult to determine, at present can speculate the reason or in the housing design or the construction important link has the question, especially in the foundation link.  Yesterday, the scene of the rescue is still in progress, the construction team unloading the site too high earth load, backfill Foundation pit, and carried out on-site safety testing. Many owners check out at present, Lotus Riverside Garden developers have set up in the vicinity of the real estate two "on-site consultation point", and a number of owners have been checked out. However, staff said that the departure of the specific plan is not clear, the need for the relevant departments to identify the cause of the accident can be announced. In addition, about 80 owners of the community took part in the temporary owners ' meeting to discuss the need for the relevant departments to take into account the interests of homebuyers, including check-out and compensation, in handling the aftermath.  Because the house prices have been with most home buyers when the price of the house rose about 20%, the original check out against them. Shanghai online real Estate Information show, MUI all real Estate Development Co., Ltd. holds three grade real estate development Enterprise Qualification certificate, the qualification grade is valid until December 31, 2009, the real estate development enterprise generally according to the enterprise strength and so on from big to small divides into 4 qualifications grade. It is reported that the company's registered capital of only 8 million yuan, a small size, the nature of the private limited liability company. Online real estate data also shows that the Lotus River home has sold 489 sets, has registered a total number of 407 sets, currently available for sale140 sets. The average price of the contract is 14297 yuan/square meter. However, according to home buyers reflect, in the spring of a round of house prices soared, the real house price of the lot has reached 18000 yuan/square meters. In addition to Lotus River Jing Yuan, Mei has also developed a Rojin court and Rojin two communities. The former is sold out, the latter has a total of 289 sets, can sell 207 sets.
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