Shanghai hits 65 Illegal securities websites

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After the three times this year, the Illegal Securities Investment Advisory website was transferred to the public security organs, recently, the Shanghai Securities Bureau again to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau by the Investigation Corps transferred the fourth batch of 19 illegal securities Investment Advisory website. At this point, after the initial investigation by the Bureau, the cumulative 65 illegal websites have been transferred to the public security organs to deal with, effectively inhibit the network of illegal securities activities spread, purify the market environment of the Bailiwick. It is reported that the public security organs have started early detection work.

In recent years, in order to reduce the situation of investors deceived, the Shanghai Securities and Supervision Bureau has paid close attention to the "succoured" work and has achieved some results. However, according to the bureau concerned, however, the "succoured" situation is still grim, mainly manifested as illegal activities are still rampant, various forms of means, and because of the low threshold for illegal securities advisory activities, quick profits, related cases repeatedly banned.

In the next stage, the Shanghai Bureau will jointly public security organs, as well as other members of the Shanghai Municipal Joint conference against Illegal securities activities, the illegal Securities Investment advisory website to further carry out all-round, high-intensity blow, and effectively protect the fundamental interests of the vast number of investors.

Since this year, 19 cases of illegal securities counseling have been filed by the Shenzhen Department of Public Security investigation. According to a Shenzhen police spokesman 29th, there are currently four main ways, should arouse the majority of investors high vigilance. One is to engage in illegal securities consulting business in the name of private equity. The second is to sell stocks software for illegal securities consulting business. The third is to network as the medium, with high return as bait, defrauding the victims investment funds and various nominal costs. Its four is fictitious company as the name, call the different investors, said it can provide stock information to help make money, specific trading stock by the victim himself operation, but need to pay risk margin. The two sides signed the confidentiality agreement by way of facsimile, and the victims remitted the deposit to the account designated by the suspect, and then could not contact the company or persons involved.

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