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Every reporter Wangxia from Shanghai yesterday (September 19), Shanghai 600315,sh (), or because of the company's chairman Wenyao [Weibo] resignation announcement. Subsequently, Shanghai home to the daily economic news reporter issued a statement that the company's board of Directors thanked Mr. Wenyao for his outstanding contribution to the Shanghai home. "The company's management team is stable and operating normally." "And the Shanghai home to the future chairman of the candidate, but also become the concern of the industry." Media reports said the original Johnson medical device President Xie Wenjian may be "airborne" home, become a new chairman.  In an interview with the Daily Economic news, Johnson Medical said Xie Wenjian had indeed left the firm in April of this year, but was not aware of its future whereabouts. The market is worried about the management turmoil/if the Wenyao's recent two public appearances, his resignation appears very abrupt. At this year's shareholder meeting, Wenyao said "two or three more years", and in last month's brand strategy conference, it said "I am 600315 chairman, listed companies is my main task." "At present, the company's management team is stable and operating normally." Company Board of directors will be in accordance with the requirements of corporate governance norms, as soon as possible to lead the company board of directors and the future development of the Chairman. "The company's board of directors will be the chairman of the Board of directors and the future development of the company as soon as possible," the company said in a micro-blog release yesterday afternoon.  "Many times yesterday, the reporter call Wenyao phone are hung up, and Shanghai home to the general manager Wang, Dong Feng Yu phone also no answer."  On the impact of Wenyao retirement on Shanghai's home, an analyst told the Daily Economic news reporter, Wenyao's resignation in the short term will not cause a big earthquake, the only worry is that if Wenyao resigned after a new beginning, do not rule out his original training of the technical backbone will follow him out of the home.  GF Securities that the short-term turnover of Wenyao will certainly lead to management turbulence, experience a running-in process, in the long run, the company's development prospects are still better, on the one hand, depending on the major shareholders of the company's development, on the other hand, the future development of domestic cosmetics still huge, share will continue to improve There are many guesses about the successor/candidate for the future chairman. Insiders said that at the end of 2012 has just been promoted to Shanghai, the general manager of the King of the development of the highest voice, and Wang also attended the May 16 shareholders meeting and the August 6 brand strategy conference.  Before the shareholders ' meeting, Wang Wenyao, hope to work again two or three years. But the chairman may also be "airborne."  Some media quoted insiders said that the successor Wenyao as Shanghai's home of the chairman of the company or will be the original Johnson medical devices in China, President Xie Wenjian. Data show that, in 2001, Mr Xie joined the Johnson company, as the blood glucose meter in China regional sales director, with outstanding performance and a deep understanding of the medical industry, 2006In September, Xie Wenjian was appointed president of Johnson Medical China and was the first local chairman of Johnson.  But Mr Xie is in charge of Johnson's medical equipment business, not Johnson's Consumer goods business unit.  Johnson, the head of the media relationship in medical devices, said in an interview with the Daily Economic news reporter yesterday that it was inconvenient to comment on Xie Wenjian because Xie Wenjian had left the company this April. "The Chairman of the board is likely to be a major shareholder delegation, generally the case, large shareholders can not let the company's direction." "Long-term attention to the Shanghai household industry personage, Shanghai Icon Brand Planning Co., Ltd., general manager Wang said," The key is to find a knowledgeable person, the company's development direction to grasp. ”
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