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Morning News reporter Zhu Xiaowing figure Morning Post reporter Qin Mingming Morning Post reporter Zhu Xiaowing figure from last August, Shanghai mansion Wind and wind, once the whole city of commodity residential transactions pushed up to 20,000 yuan/square meters mark.  And by 4 May this year, the luxury market is basically in a unsalable state, some of the mansion is difficult to escape ' 0 pay ' fate, the city's commodity residential average price also drop 16%. Even so, the price of the mansion is still record high. In the first half of this year, luxury prices rose 56.18% to 76,000 yuan/square meters.  Tomson A product more deal a set of 189,000 yuan/square meters of property, a Shanghai residential transaction price most.  Unsalable impact has been "high above" the mansion, into the second half, will actually feel the power of the property market regulation. The head of a mansion in preparation for the opening felt the pressure. "The market is not good and will certainly not be as hot as last August," he told the Morning Post. Do not be sold out in a day, if half of the availability is scheduled to achieve the goal. The opening price is now more uncertain. It is reported that from the second half of the year, many of Shanghai's luxury homes will also be entering the market, began to accept the test.  It is noteworthy that, among them, Minhang River, the Golden land of Xu Jing and Zhao Xiang project, Ren Heng Yi Court and other mansions are the first open, and some items large volume.  In the past 5 June, the Shanghai mansion began to show "New Deal Symptom", and this is in sharp contrast with the first quarter performance. Luwan is located in the gorgeous family scenery world launched a refined decoration "New Deal price room", the price of 67,500 yuan/square meters. This is 12,500-32,500 yuan/square meter lower than the surrounding fine decoration new dish.  In contrast, the green Haiperzh 100,000 yuan/square meters, Greentown Huangpu Bay Average price 80,000 yuan/square meters. China Real Estate Information Group statistical report shows that the first 16 days of June only 9 luxury items (the average price of 50,000 yuan/square meters) sold 20 sets of listings, the mean sale of only 1.25 units per day.  Of the 45 luxury items available on the market, 36 items were not sold in the first half of the month. Jones, a bank analyst, said the luxury residential market remained sluggish. In response to the market new deal, luxury buyers generally choose to watch, to observe the impact of the New deal on house prices.  Speculation about the property tax has further shrunk market confidence, so that in May and June, the luxury market was largely stagnant. According to official statistics, the first two months of the two quarter, Shanghai high-end residential turnover surged 100.7% to 181292 square meters. The rebound in turnover was mainly concentrated in April, to 136673 square meters.  In May, by the country's new round of regulation and control policy, turnover again entered the Fall channel, only 44619 square meters, the chain fell 67.4%.  Six-year rally although the housing market after the new deal in Shanghai mansion turnover frustration, but the price of the Shanghai mansion in the first half of this year's overall performance is still very dazzling. Shanghai Zhongyuan Research and Consulting DepartmentSurvey data show that in the first half of 2010 Shanghai mansion transactions Average price of 76542 yuan/square meters, compared to the first half of 2009 prices increase by as much as 56.18%.  It is reported that the inclusion of statistical mansion is a dynamic project pool, the unit price is generally more than 50,000 yuan. 1-June Shanghai Mansion new Supply area of 186,600 square meters, the transaction area of 110,800 square meters, compared with the 2009 period respectively increased 1.85 times times, fell 48.34%.  Market supply and demand have also been sharply reversed from 1:3.31 in 2009 to 1:0.60. In addition, the Shanghai Mansion transaction unit Price highest record also was refreshed in two quarter.  April 29 Tomson A product deal is located in the 19 floor of a set of listings, this set of 597 square meters mansion price breakthrough billion, the total price of 113 million yuan, sales price of 189125 yuan/square meters. Tomson a product sold price again, this more than November 2009 end of a set of 160,000 yuan per square meter transaction price.  It is noteworthy that at the end of April, at the beginning of May, Tomson a product continued to deal with three sets of 597 square meters of housing, the total price is more than 100 million yuan, the turnover is 186,000 yuan/square meters, 189,000 yuan/square meters, 172,000 yuan square meters. In the mansion leasing market, despite this quarter with Ascott Huai Hai Sea serviced apartments and Oak Oakwood Court Two serviced apartments, but a large number of expo visitors to Shanghai market demand for rental surge, which caused the luxury market vacancy rate fell by 3.9%.  Luxury house rents accelerated, with the quarter-on-quarter growth rising from 1% in the previous quarter to 3.5% in the quarter. Hurricane Brake from last year, the mansion led the Shanghai property market, but also pushed up the Shanghai average price of goods sold.  Now, the luxury market has appeared, three of the committee collectively denied the market control policy loosening, can not help but feel the Shanghai mansion all the way will be braking. Starting in June 2009, the Shanghai mansion began to explode, in August with the opening of the Star River, Shanghai luxury deal ushered in a blowout.  This directly contributed to the Shanghai commercial housing transaction average price rose sharply, from July of 16039 yuan/square meters to 18829 yuan/square meters, an increase of 17.4%. To 6 this year, Shanghai commodity residential transactions average price of 19168 yuan/square meters, than the May 22338 yuan/square meters down 14.2%, compared to April 22926 yuan/square meters slipped 16.4%.  One of the main reasons is that, after the first half of the sale of luxury goods and purchasing power in May, the turnover of luxury homes has fallen sharply, which led to a sharp decline in the average price of commercial housing transactions.  First Pacific Davis Shanghai company chairman Liu Deyan said, although the current Shanghai mansion Project price adjustment is small, but for the hands of developers with multiple projects, in the second half of the year further price reduction pressure. Onglin, managing director of Eastern and southwestern China, said that the recent new deal impact will gradually appear, because the deal fell prices loosening, the market wait-and-see atmosphere will continue aPeriod of time. Housing prices will still fall, given the market's cautious mood. In the high-end residential market, because the government strictly enforce the two suite of standards, strict control of real estate credit, combined with the housing tax is expected to curb investment demand, high-end residential prices will enter the Downlink channel.
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