Shanghai Online Games Employees Super 60,000 domestic game into the absolute main

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Shanghai Municipal Press and publication Bureau deputy Director Huang Junpo right in "> Briefing

Oriental Network reporter Tang Yu January 23 reported: As of the end of 2012, Shanghai network game industry practitioners have reached more than 60,000 people. Reporter today from the Shanghai Press and publication Bureau of the 2012 relevant industry briefing to understand that, at present, the Shanghai network game industry after several years of "thick product", has appeared a good "thin hair", "network game" has gradually developed into the current news publishing industry in China to absorb young people entrepreneurship, A remarkable and lush fertile soil for social employment.

Web games, mobile games become the industry's "New Corner"

According to statistics, 2011, the Shanghai Network game publishing industry revenue of about 14.8 billion yuan, 2012 this figure climbed to 19.02 billion, an increase of 35.8% per cent, maintained a rapid development trend. July, Shanghai held the China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy2012), attracted more than 30 countries and regions from the world's 349 creative enterprises with 603 types of game works to participate in the contract transaction amount of more than 200 million U.S. dollars, 4th reception 210,000 viewers, are the highest in the past.

"2012, the Shanghai Network game industry presents a pluralistic development trend." In addition to the traditional advantages of client-side games, web games, mobile games (including mobile games) are developing rapidly, which is the characteristic of today's online games. Huang Junpo, deputy director of the Shanghai Press and publication Bureau, said last year, the "Shanghai production" of high-quality web games initially formed a fixed user base, and a variety of mobile network games monthly income has exceeded tens of millions of enterprises, especially small and medium-sized entrepreneurial team to emerge, these are for Shanghai to create an online industry Highland "added a lot of points."

To solve the problem of youth employment.

"Last year, the Shanghai online games industry in innovation-driven, transformation and development to make a lot of efforts, many popular products from the introduction, agent-oriented to independent innovation, the introduction of original national games, and to International." According to Huang Junpo, in 2012 years, Shanghai has audited 341 network games, of which the domestic game has 320, become the "absolute market leading force", and widely popular, achieved high sales growth, is expected to break the 2012 export of 200 million U.S. dollars, breaking 2011 years of "The first super billion dollars" record.

"In fact, we are most concerned about the huge job market and opportunities that come with the development of the online gaming industry," he said. It is highly gratifying that, according to research, the average age of the industry's employees is only 25-28 years, which means that a group of excellent entrepreneurs and leading talent, returnees will be in this exhibition. "is the development of the momentum of the online games industry with unlimited potential and a wealth of employment opportunities, I wish June Bo said," Can not be denied, in the solution to the Government's concern, social anxiety of the employment problem, the online games industry work. The

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