Shanghai-related complaints soared this year, the protection of human rights forensics difficult to high cost

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Shanghai-related complaints soared this year, the protection of human rights forensics difficult to high cost

Since 2011, the new report of group buying website competition is increasingly fierce, followed by the goods to the board, price outside the price, service, such as water injection of eight types of problems protruding, all sorts of chaos to buy market premature ushered in the "winter."

Zhongxiaoxie latest report shows that 2011 Network group purchase became a new hot spot of sales complaints, the number of complaints ranked top 10. In Shanghai, the latest statistical data show that from January this year to date, less than 3 months, the number of online group purchase complaints have reached 124 cases, high ranking of the first category of commodity services.

"The original price of 432 yuan is quite Hong Kong restaurant exquisite 4 people meal, the United States Group online group purchase price of 99 Yuan", looked very tempting, Mr. Chen after the regiment but very regret: "Too bad!" Looking up at the "food" are afraid to eat, it is too small, all to the girlfriend to eat! "Mr. Chen told the reporter, before he went to eat a positive price, feel the weight can also, taste good, so see group buy hurriedly attended, but the weight of group buying meal and page of serious discrepancy, waiter's attitude is also very cold." "This is an obvious fraud, I have taken photos of the evidence, asking for a refund." Mr. Chen said angrily.

Jiu Jun with 476 yuan in the fire regiment for ordering two photo photography service, but after booking, the store said that because of the fire and the Fire regiment had financial disputes and stop filming. Then group buying website and photo studio shifting, Jiu Jun request refund also get no response. So angrily to the Shanghai Municipal Council for the Protection of complaints.

It is understood that the current network buy exposed problems mainly related to the following eight categories: Goods not board, returns difficult, the service water injection, the price outside has the price, the high standard low folding, attracts the eyeball, the line is seductive, the line limits, the service sells, the realization difficulty, "the title party" attracts registers, buys the change draw, the false number, the difficult discount, the low price group purchase, Fishing traps.


Consumers often encounter evidence of difficulties

Online buying has become a new hot spot for consumer complaints. The reporter learned from the city's consumer protection committee, since January this year, the Consumer Insurance Committee has accepted a total of 124 complaints about online group purchase, rapid growth. China e-Commerce Research Center released yesterday, "2011 China E-commerce user Experience and Complaints monitoring report," showed that the 2011 Network Group purchase complaints accounted for all e-commerce complaints 25%, after the network shopping 52%.

However, the reporter found that, although the network group buy more complaints, but consumers to defend rights is not easy. As a result of network transactions, the lack of invoices and other bills, group purchase site content will change or disappear at any time, consumers in the face of problems to solve, some group buy site and suppliers shifting, and some group buying site will take out a variety of forms of contract terms to shirk responsibility.

City Consumer Insurance Committee Legal Affairs Minister Tang Jianshing pointed out that the network buy consumers difficult to obtain invoices. "Group buying site that they as a Third-party promotion platform can not directly for customers to issue consumer invoices, customers should be directly to the merchant to request invoices." But the merchant thinks cannot give the purchase net customer to provide the invoice, because the package itself already very preferential. "This has caused consumer rights to obtain evidence more difficult, if the Web page to be notarized, spend more than thousand yuan."

Jian Yan

Group Purchase service standards as soon as possible unified

According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of June 2011, China Group purchase site has reached more than 5,300, "The Thousand Regiment Melee" situation has been formed. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, from the second half of 2011, the original a booming network buying market quickly cooled. As of the end of 2011, there have been more than 2000 small group buying site closed, only the F group, handle, the United States Regiment, litters group, such as several major group purchase site "support the market."

"As a rising industry, the domestic group buying site still has a long way to go, online group purchase entrepreneurs quick success, blindly aggressive results with the industry's benign development of the purpose of complete departure." "China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute deputy Dean Xu Xiaolan pointed out," Group buying network industry in a mixed, mixed and mixed stage, the need for industry self-discipline, need more with the current standard service system to be introduced, service lag has seriously affected the credibility of the network group buys, become a cancer affecting the development of the industry. ”

Xu Xiaolan said that in the face of huge growth, the sale of the site's after-sales service is undoubtedly a huge challenge, innovative service concept, improve service quality, a greater degree of customer satisfaction is imperative.

The city's Consumer insurance committee said the current situation of online group buying industry is unsustainable, it is necessary to participate in the supervision by the power of government agencies and trade associations, at the same time promote the service standard of group purchase website, the integrity standard will be included in the daily operation of the network group buying, and the integrity system of group buying website should be set up

Online Shopping and security

About 70 members of Jing Dong account are stolen

The amount is over 30,000 yuan and some consumers have been given equivalent return

The new report without security verification, account balance was stolen brush a blank, which let Shanghai Jingdong Mall user Mr. Deng very angry. It is reported that at present, nearly 70 members of the Jingdong account stolen brush, the amount of damage amounted to more than 30,000 yuan. As of press, the website has admitted the fact that some account funds have been stolen, and some consumers have obtained the equivalent return through account.

Yesterday morning, the user told reporters late, March 11 morning, he was logged into the East bank account, found that the original account of the remaining 407 yuan balance only 7 yuan. Through the inquiry account transactions found that the afternoon of March 10, his Jingdong account was stolen, the 400 yuan was used to buy 200-note 2 yuan Lottery 3D lottery ticket.

This is not a case, there are nearly 70 members of the Jingdong account stolen brush, the amount of damage to more than 30,000 yuan, of which the maximum amount of money to steal 6000 yuan, the amount of theft is either bought a game card, or was taken to buy the lottery.

Shanghai user, Mr. Deng told reporters, he was informed after the alarm, stolen belong to the virtual capital, not to file, can only do a simple record, solve the problem to find Jingdong.

The reporter contacted Jingdong Mall, the relevant staff admitted that some of the user account funds have been stolen, has received complaints, and actively understand the user encountered specific problems, such as verified, will be the interests of users, the first compensation for the loss of users, and actively assist the police investigation. However, the user does not know the circumstances of the account funds stolen reasons, the staff did not give explanations, but said that the site related technical issues are being checked.

As of press, there have been some users through the Jingdong account has been the return of the same amount of loss. Pan

Online shopping and sourcing

The industry exposes luxury website purchase way

Goods are suspected to evade customs duties, consumers are difficult to enjoy after-sales service

The new news of Swarovski to the Jingdong Mall "Fire", a number of luxury brands are declared in different forms, not to any other than the site authorized to sell products. In this respect, the industry to reporters revealed the luxury website four kinds of purchase channels.

Other luxury brands are also sitting on the heels of a Swarovski statement pointing directly to Jingdong. Louis Vuitton, a relevant person in China, said that in China, LVMH would only invite customers to go to a direct store to buy goods and not authorize any form of online shopping channel. and Gucci, COACH, Prada and other brands have been confirmed, has never authorized any website in the country to sell its goods.

Miss Wu, who has worked on the luxury website for two years, said to reporters yesterday domestic proprietary luxury web site has the following main sources: from the brand and its agents, distributors to obtain authorization and procurement; Buy a hand through the foreign luxury discount stores, outlets, such as a new season of luxury goods purchase or even buy out; through the brand commercial show , Christmas Festival Promotions and other activities on-site direct purchase, from foreign stores to purchase a small number of new products in the quarter. But because the main channel is overseas purchasing, and allegedly evade customs duties, so this almost became the industry "can not tell the secret."

As for luxury goods after sale, although many websites can enjoy authentic licensed national and global UNPROFOR services, but online purchase of consumer goods mostly do not provide invoices, and no shopping documents, consumers can not enjoy any after-sales service.

And even if a small number of websites that the insurance company for the goods to provide brand-name genuine protection, but consumers want to pass the formal insurance claims procedures, get full compensation, but also need to provide a special counter to identify, which also makes consumers when the problem when the cost of protection becomes very high. Pan

Online shopping and research

Seven consumers want to solve complaints through micro-blog

A microblog poll shows that more than 74% consumers want corporate microblogging to provide users with timely customer service, help users solve complaints and other problems.

Sina Weibo survey results show that enterprise Micro-blog has become a telephone outside the phone is another user-approved complaints channels, 60% users said that if the enterprise opened a micro-blog account, they will be through micro-blog and communication complaints, in the highly educated crowd of this trend more obvious, micro-complaints have become one of the main means of protection of netizens. At the same time, the government departments around the opening of the official microblog, public acceptance of consumer complaints.

This January, "micro-bo Queen" Chen Yao through micro-blog for help home ticket, and in the proposal of netizens booked 22nd New Year's Eve home ticket. However, Shandong Airlines on Weibo said Chen Yao has booked the airline's 21st "seat" ticket. In this respect, Chen Yao bursts two micro-blog requirements to explain clearly "occupy seat" one said, and blamed the false information provided by Shandong Airlines to cause misunderstanding to her netizens. Finally, Shandong Airlines through Sina Weibo to explain, and to Chen Yao apologized.

And through the traditional customer service center to complain to the enterprise communication, micro-bo "fission" mode of transmission, so that consumers in the process of rights and interests can quickly gather friends and the same encounter the attention of netizens, spontaneous formation of a powerful voice power. For enterprises, if the response is not handled or handled improperly, the consumer's negative sentiment may be in the instant fission proliferation, the brand Word-of-mouth formation of greater damage. Pan

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