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-Reporter Zhang Jun lan yesterday, some insiders said that the star River in Shanghai because of the shortage of source water, so that the opening delayed January. The reporter learned from the Shanghai Xinghe Bay related People, the project opening time is expected at the end of August. Earlier, the opening hours of the project were open in early August. August 8 last year, the opening day to obtain 4 billion yuan sales performance of the Pudong Star River, its "sister version" of the New Deal in Shanghai star River "Cold Retreat", so that has been "high" luxury mansion, really feel the power of real estate regulation.  In this respect, the industry to the reporter predicted that the August mansion does not fall the myth will end, and with the mansion of the downlink open, the price of ordinary housing will be cut. Star River opening myth difficult to replicate from last August, Shanghai mansion Wind and wind, as last year's sales myth, Pudong Star River's "First World War fame", once the city's commercial residential average price pushed up to 20,000 yuan/square meters mark. Never thought, this April "Country 10" turned out, to the fever of the property market hit a rapid fever needle.  This year after the new deal, the luxury market is basically in unsalable state, some of the mansion is difficult to escape ' 0 to pay ' fate, the city's commodity residential average price also drop 16%. At this time, the choice and Pudong star River in a period of the opening of the Shanghai Star River Project can be a sweep of the decline, become the focus of industry attention. However, there are people inside the Star River revealed that this year, the situation is not good, Minhang of the Star River water storage situation is also bad, postponed one months opening.  Visible, under the weight of the country's 10, star Bay opening myth difficult to replicate. The Reporter yesterday field visit Shanghai Star River Project, found that Shanghai star River in fact has fully met the requirements of the Shanghai municipal government pre-sale licensing, the entire project only some ground and other finishing work continues. According to the information published by the sales office, the estimated average price is 45000 yuan/sqm to 50000 yuan/sq m.  The opening is expected at the beginning of August, the specific time is undecided. The cold weather in Shanghai's Xinghe Bay has been a blow to the previously sought-after investment speculators. To Pudong north of the Star River, for example, its opening led to the surrounding Jinxiu Huacheng and other projects rose nearly 100%, in fact, this effect is also extended to the Minhang Zhuan Bridge, and other areas, the group has been in March group buy the area near the summer garden more than 100 sets of listings, but the opening date of the Star River in Shanghai has been undecided, the middle of the control , which frustrated the wishful thinking of investment speculators.  Reporters from the surrounding intermediary stores to understand, the previous set of adjacent to line Line 5 subway station of the second house, the unit price of March reached 20000 yuan/square meters, now the basic line down, some even fell 3000 yuan/square meters, even if it is difficult to have a deal. The mansion does not fall the myth is afraid to end learned, from the second half of the year, especially in August, Shanghai Many luxury houses will also be entering the market, began to accept the test.  It is noteworthy that the Minhang of the Shanghai Star River, the Jin land Xu Jing and Zhao Xiang project, Ren Heng Yi Court and other luxury homes are the first opening, and some of the project volume is huge. China Room Letter analyst ShijianXiong told reporters that many luxury projects are intended to be listed, the competition between them will be very large, and their competition will lead to a decline in the price level of luxury homes. It revealed that the current benevolence of the Ganges pin, incense Mei Hua Yuan and other items with the previous month compared to the price of thousands of yuan is not equal to the decline, and the Four Seasons NGA court and other parts of the mansion have a one-to-one bargaining situation. "Although the product difference is very large, but everyone's total price range and the target group is quite, in such a case can only use price to impress customers, that is the price."  Scherkingshon said. Huang Hingwei, deputy general manager of Shanghai Desert Island real Estate Studio, shares this view. He pointed out that the mansion has a circle, competition and coexistence between each other, now we all hold on to the results behind how many insincere, the key to see who first because of financial costs and the pressure of the money must be put down; at the same time, the mansion is occupy the city resources, but once the urban resources because of the flood and the formation of true or false difficult to distinguish or pan resources , such resources will no longer be scarce and will no longer be of value.  Therefore, the current situation, the role of marketing has been very limited, price reduction and one-step price is one of the effective ways to start rapid sales. Gao Li International managing director of East and southwest China Onglin that the recent new deal impact will gradually appear, because the deal fell prices will be loose, the market wait-and-see atmosphere will continue for some time. Housing prices will still fall, given the market's cautious mood.  In the high-end residential market, because the government strictly enforce the two suite of standards, strict control of real estate credit, combined with the housing tax is expected to curb investment demand, high-end residential prices will enter the Downlink channel. And with the fall of the mansion, the price of ordinary housing will be reduced. Scherkingshon said, because now many areas have no competition for new plates, so the second-hand housing also does not fall. But the mansion is the overall market competition, if the mansion price lower, will inevitably lead to the surrounding housing prices lower, and then by second-hand housing to affect the new ordinary commercial house lower.
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