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The cinema is quietly closed. The reporter Fanghao to take the audience to eat the Starlight Film City "slammed" theater dark staff disappeared overnight, the cinema quietly closed, the staff also disappeared without a trace, many viewers anticipation, but spellbound. Last night, readers Mr. Luo called the 962288 Hotline, reflecting the new Life Plaza, 4 floor of the Starlight Studios has been inexplicably closed for several days, so many buyers in advance to buy tickets greatly dissatisfied. The shadow repeatedly hit the wall Mr. Luo told reporters that half a month ago, he was in the public comments on the Internet to buy two movie star cinema tickets. According to the rules, he can watch any film including 3D films within the validity period. Behold the Monday night, Mr. Luo and friends to the Starlight Studios, but ate a "cold shoulder"-the cinema at the entrance posted a notice, said "due to today's blackout, suspended film show." "At that time I thought it was a sudden situation, it will be solved in two days!" But yesterday afternoon, when he went to the movie again, the theater was still "the door", and no staff came forward to explain the scene. "Should not be the shadow city mismanagement, deserted?" Mr Luo even began to suspect that his movie ticket might be wasted. Theater door locked For this reason, the reporter came to the new life Square last night, 4 floor, the theater door closed, three days before the closure of the notice is still stay in situ, "because of the new life square power supply problem, the Star cinema today suspended film show, please forgive me!" "The closing date is Monday, May 28, 2012." When the reporter stops, there are more than 10 people holding group buy coupons to come to see the film, but when they learned that the theater "indefinitely" closed, all disappointed. "The day after we ordered the purchase coupon expires, how can suddenly close the door?" A couple of elderly couples complained. The reporter then came to the Customer service center in the mall, a staff member said, "The film city is undergoing internal rectification, over time will be reopened," but for the specific reasons for the closure he did not understand. Rent disputes caused by last night, the reporter moved to contact the star of the city's head, according to his introduction, the theater opened in early February this year, recently because of rent problems, they and the new life Square conflict, the two sides communicate many times, but still did not reach an agreement. In the early hours of May 28, the new life Plaza suddenly cut off the theater's projection power and air-conditioning power. "So, the Starlight Cinema 8 screenings Hall, 1167 seats, completely into ' paralyzed '!" The last few days, we have lost more than 100,000 yuan! "The person in charge believes that no matter what disputes, both sides should sit down to negotiate negotiations, now the market unilaterally cut off the theater power supply, the end of the suffering is the audience." It is understood that since the opening of the Star Cinema, has sold more than 800 film viewing card, more than 20,000 movie buy tickets. Reporter this Morning call Yavin life Square, a staff member of the Operation Department said, the company is in charge of the city and the stars of the consultation, but the details are still inconvenient to disclose.
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