Shanghai will support third-party payment enterprises to continuously upgrade their business level

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Absrtact: Reporter learned Yesterday, Shanghai published "on the promotion of third-party payment industry in the city of a number of views" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"), "comments" explicitly encourage third-party payment of enterprise resource integration, reasonable guidance of third party payment between enterprises to carry out the city

The reporter was informed yesterday that the Shanghai municipality issued a number of opinions on promoting the development of third party payment industry in the city (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), "opinions" explicitly encourage third-party payment of enterprise resource integration, reasonable guide third-party payment enterprises to carry out market-oriented mergers and acquisitions, promote third-party payment industry regional agglomeration.

According to Shanghai's "Twelve-Five" Planning, the next 5 years, Shanghai's tertiary industry to increase the value of the city's GDP share to reach about 65%, which is the 5 years of Shanghai's construction of an international financial center of the critical period. , the promotion of third-party payment industry development is of multiple significance. The first is to meet the needs of the public to pay services, effectively stimulating domestic demand, stimulating consumption. Shanghai Business Committee told reporters that in the next few years, Shanghai will pay great efforts in E-commerce development, there will be more market competitiveness of the network consumer platform, the development of third-party payment industry to improve the convenience of e-commerce, security and other aspects have an important role. In addition, the opinion also clearly pointed out that the development of third-party payment industry helps to improve the efficiency of social capital transfer, expand the scale of capital settlement, enhance the status of Shanghai renminbi Clearing Center, which is also an important aspect of the construction of International financial center.

The policy of enabling third party to pay for enterprise development is clarified in the opinion. First of all will be given a certain amount of financial support, to support the network payment for the main business of third-party payment enterprises in Shanghai development. To the eligible enterprises from the "Shanghai Financial development Funds" to give certain financial support. Encourage the relevant districts (counties) to combine the actual, arrange the relevant funds, to support the third party payment industry development. The second is to encourage third party payment enterprises to expand their industry applications. Encourage the traditional industries, government administrative institutions and public services and other fields to actively apply electronic payment platform to expand Third-party payment industry applications. In addition, to meet the requirements of third-party payment enterprises will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of software enterprises, High-tech Enterprises, advanced technology services Enterprises, High-tech achievements, such as the transformation of qualification, so that they enjoy the relevant preferential policies.

With regard to the direction of industry development, Shanghai will support third-party payment enterprises to continuously upgrade their business level. Focus on supporting distinctive features, independent innovation ability, with a certain international competitiveness, to pay for the main business of the network to obtain payment business license of the third party payment enterprises.

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