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With the happy net such as a group of SNS website hot, all kinds of SNS topic discussion never stopped, remember CCTV-12 also made a special discussion of "stealing vegetables should not should be", regardless of SNS bring us the benefits and impact is what? As the network promotion personnel and personal stationmaster must hope to be able through so popular SNS to bring the flow and the user to us? So how to find the promotion opportunities and promotion methods? Today Shangong also to join in the fun, analysis and summary of the use of SNS for network promotion methods and experience! Hope that through the SNS friends have helped!

To want to promote through SNS website has very good effect, first of all we must understand SNS some concepts.

Sns:social receptacle Software, a social networking software, based on the six-degree theory, expands its contacts based on friends who know them. and unlimited expansion of their network, when needed, can get a little at any time, get the help of the network.

Below on how to do a good job of SNS promotion step-by-Step detailed description.

First, in the happy Net and other SNS website registration account number, the more the more the better ha, number more effect will be better, if you say a number one day to promote 1000IP, then registered 30 a day is 30000IP, this we have to think.

Do we need to use some tips when registering an account?

1, the name must have the individuality, the best can let the person look at the line to remember, does not recommend uses the meaningless English or the numeral.

2, the account number is best female, we all love beauty, how to!

3, Avatar to engage in sexy, do not use the network everywhere can see to, preferably with some not many people know the private photos, you can go to Baidu search some not red photos to do as a fear of the avatar.

Second, add friends.

We have done network promotion friends know, as long as we find the crowd, our promotion will have effect. So how to find our best friend for our promotion? There are several ways to add friends:

1, through the search to find friends

Let's say we're looking for sports enthusiasts. First of all, we first determine the country's most famous sports institutions or departments have those, and then in SNS search friends, targeted at these institutions to search. The people who are searching are basically friends who are interested in sports.

2, through friends to find friends

Try to find people who are well-known and influential in the target population. In order to maximize the propagation effect.

3, add friend Channel

In the paste, add friends fast channel, let others take the initiative to add you.

4, camouflage star or celebrity ID

Just go out and slip a lap, n more people add you. Oh, it is not recommended to use this method!

Target user group found after the next is the most important promotional work, here Shangong with you to share some of the more practical ways to promote!

1, the data must be filled in detail, to let others see that we are a real "people." Don't let people see it is a vest.

We open SNS Friend homepage, the first to see is certainly the personal data, this is a good position yo! There is the need to put the information used for publicity to be visible to all, and recommended to the personal home page prominent position.

2, Personality portrait. This one is needless to say. Here is a hint: try not to use that kind of pure advertising pictures to do avatar, very unfriendly, too commercial. SNS advocates is a real name, so it is recommended to upload the real photos as head, and then under the avatar appropriate to put some advertising language or links, so that is friendly, and achieved the publicity effect.

3. Diary. The power of soft wen marketing, we must have seen it. In SNS, diary function is simply a good tool tailored for soft marketing. But everyone in the use of diary for soft marketing must pay attention to: After the publication of the journal, it is best to communicate with friends, ask them to help share, so as to get more readers, the natural effect is better. Some SNS community this aspect is better, they can remind the friend to pay attention after publishing the diary. Post, can be friends to maximize the sharing, the premise is that you want to have a lot of interaction with friends, exchanges.

4. Circle (Group). A lot of SNS, the limit of the friend is limited, that friend is full, how do we do? The answer is very simple, build group AH. An active group, every day will bring you a steady stream of people. As for how to use the group to do promotion, I do not have to say it! Here is a brief introduction to the main points of the group: A, group theme to be clear. B, early to take the initiative to pull some people. C, to maintain a regular group. For example, often upload some good resources.

5, album promotion. Build your own personal photo album, you can upload some pictures of the company's products to their albums. or upload the latest web site, can cause a wide spread of pictures, like the previous period of "CCTV fire" some interesting spoof pictures, their own processing, to get their own website or product information. This will also be a good effect.

6, write mood and friends log back to promote the law, a lot of SNS communities have a "mood" this function, that is, the mood of their day or at that time posted to the site above, you can also use this, some of their own with the promotion of relevant information released up. or in the reply to the Friend log, when appropriate, bring their own promotional products or Web site information content together back up.

7, video, Web site sharing promotion method, the author used to do sports website promotion, often use this method. That is, some of their own web site in time content or video, through the SNS station sharing function. The effect is very good, we also have to pay attention to, do not share the Web site at the same time, this will cause the administrator's dissatisfaction. It's best to share one or two at a time and share it many times.

8, I think the best way is SNS website of the paste function. This is good for the promotion effect has a lot of help. It's easy to do tens of thousands of traffic. Believe that a lot of the package has been such a puzzle, the same paste content, some people casually turn is hundreds of thousands of clicks, tens of thousands of times of interaction, and some people make a big effort to push, but only few hundred people to participate, this is why?

A, the title should be novel, to learn to do the title party.

B, content to be around hot events, appropriate increase of interesting comments and descriptions.

C. Increase the vote or point of view. Interesting polls and views will resonate and allow users to participate in interaction. Let the user automatically paste.

D, the content of the previous link to increase the user's click and paste rate.

Usually more than reprint friends of the article, the accumulation of friends, long-term implementation can have better results.

The above several are I personally think more effective, there is also my status record, friend impression, friends trading, voting function, the name of the game, the automatic reply, etc. Will not be introduced.

To do SNS promotion, we must seriously study the target user group characteristics and needs, so as to be targeted to promote. More to the friends of the slip, leaving more valuable comments or controversial comments, to attract users to come here, incidentally left a bit of ad. More active high friends and celebrities, what new features must be studied, often new features have loopholes, we can make good use of.

The above on the author of the use of SNS website to promote some of the experience, write may be some simple, welcome to criticize the guidance, but also look forward to sharing more experience and methods.

Author information: Shangong, personal blog (, push a moderator, one of the founding team members. New Network Marketing Promotion 5 Group 32514308, Welcome to join.

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