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If you want to get more traffic for your site, then SEO is the best way, because the flow of the source of 80% is through the search engine came in, SEO can make your site ranked in the front. But SEO for most people, just focus on the site's search engine rankings, in fact, a very important thing is ignored, is the user experience optimization. Using unrelated keywords can lead to confusion and user experience, and even if you do a hot keyword, visitors won't have much of a stay on your site because it's not what he wants. This is what Shanhan today, the user experience of the clear site theme.

Consider each page for the entire website

This Shanhan has said before, each site should have a different theme, of course, this is around the core theme of the site, can not deviate from the site. For example Shanhan is SEO blog, that content is around SEO to carry out, can not write SEO today, tomorrow and write the World Expo, the day after next write stocks, so that users do not know what your site is doing, search engine also don't like.

That is, for each page to determine a separate title, the content of this page is subject to this title, we know, search engines such as Baidu, attaches great importance to the relevance of content, what is relevance, first, your content page to the homepage of the theme of the topic, not irrelevant, another, The current content is related to the title and cannot be irrelevant.

Ii. setting up a friendly meta tag

Don't think meta tags are just for search engines, a good description will improve your visitor's interest in your site and make it easier for your site to get clicks from search engine results. Shanhan has seen a bunch of keywords in the Description tab of the corporate web site, like writing keyword tags. Then we need to analyze, in search engines, what kind of text can attract users to come in.

Third, the use of small headings

For each article, if more text, try to use small headings to distinguish between paragraphs, because usually a page theme can be divided into several points to elaborate. In fact, this is a way to improve the relevance of the page, the content of a number of terms to explain, but also to improve the readability of the page, such as my article is. Of course, if your content is very short, then there is no need.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization will bring traffic to the site, but the user experience will be able to keep these traffic.

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