Shantou Electric Power acquisition loss of power assets plots land resources?

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Each reporter Li by the xinwanzer group of assets injected into the incarnation of the House of Shantou Power A (000534, closing price of 7.81 Yuan) seems to have a strong interest in power generation business.  Today, the company issued a notice that the company will be allowed to petrochemical (Shantou) Co., Ltd. held a 49% stake in the thermoelectric plant.  For this transaction, the industry believes that Shantou electric power "rejection", and the loss of the plant power generation business compared to its own land resources may be more attractive to Shantou power. 44.1 million acquisition of lost assets Shantou Electric Power announced today that at the company's board meeting on July 15, the participating directors unanimously passed the "on the acquisition of a heat and electricity plant 49% stake in the bill." According to the motion, the company will be 44.1 million yuan at the price of the division can petrochemical held a 49% stake in the thermoelectric plant.  Because the thermal power plant is a company holding 51% of the enterprise, the transfer of equity after the completion of a thermal power plant will become a wholly-owned company subordinate enterprises. Originally already had a power plant control, the rest of the 41% equity income in the bag, the company seems to be very optimistic about the profitability of the thermal power plant. However, the daily economic news reporter through the Review bulletin, surprised to find that thermoelectric plant is still deep in the mire of losses.  The announcement showed that 2008 years of heat and power plant losses amounted to 2563.76 million yuan, in the first quarter of this year, the general rebound in profits, the assets still loss of 2.5638 million yuan. It is noteworthy that the thermoelectric plant was originally a wholly owned subsidiary of Shantou Electric Power, as a result of the 2007 thermoelectric plant was included in the 2009 shutdown plan.  Shantou electric power at that time in order to reduce the impact of policy and fuel, transport prices of the high pressure and operating losses, at the end of 2007 will be thermoelectric one plant 49% shares transferred to the branch can petrochemical. Land resources or the reason for the acquisition of the end of 2007 will be deep in the loss of the mire of heat and power plant 49% of the sale, and now buy it back, the incarnation of the House of the Shantou electricity is how to plan? The company announced in the announcement that the Thermal power plant unit 4th has reached environmental standards, will not be included in Guangdong province shutdown small thermal power unit range.  At the same time, the current coal prices have stabilized, the company believes that the acquisition of Thermal power plant 49% stake will have a positive impact on the future of the company. Relevant data show that Shantou power currently has power generation assets only one plant, and real estate business occupies an absolute proportion, the company recently in the real estate business is also frequent movements. July 14, the company issued a notice that will buy Shenzhen 49% of the real estate equity.  At the same time, the previous major shareholder Xinwanzer Group to the company into the real estate business is also in the smooth progress, soon thereafter, the company will become "pure blood" of the housing enterprises. However, one of the details of the announcement caught the attention of reporters. The announcement said, "Thermal power plant related units shutdown, the company will apply for change of land use, the original land development will bring certain potential value." "A person in the industry said that, compared with the power generation assets owned by a thermoelectric plant, Shantou electric power may be more fancy to theThe value of the land owned by the plant.
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