Shao Bingren: New energy subsidy policy cannot last

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November 6 Morning News Shao Bingren, deputy director of the National People's Advisory Committee on Population and Environment resources, said the new energy price subsidy policy can not continue to be worth studying. Under the current technical adjustment, the production of 100 watts of solar energy, polysilicon consumption of electricity up to 2000 degrees.  In this respect, he pointed out that the new energy economy is not high, but why it is still so "hot", because the state has adopted a preferential subsidy policy. Under normal circumstances, wind power once subsidized 0.25 yuan to 0.30 yuan, "mainly to earn this difference."  and the subsidy grid needs to be apportioned, he argues, and the grid, as a business, is naturally not actively accepting such allocations.  Shao Bingren pointed out that, if any investment projects can not achieve the necessary economic benefits, I am afraid it is difficult to continue to develop.  He believes that before the current technology breakthrough in real terms, electricity prices are bound to climb, electricity price subsidies will continue to increase, with the expansion of new energy, this can not be sustainable, it is worth studying. He suggested that it would be possible to support energy taxes, establish new energy development funds, and so on to mobilize funds for the development of new energy sources, thus providing a sustainable economic support for the development of new energy sources. "Otherwise, the electricity price subsidy method will not last long." (Super Yan from Beijing)
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