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Shao Energy shares 8th evening announcement, the company is planning major issues. Due to the uncertainty of the relevant issues, in order to avoid abnormal fluctuations in stock prices, the company's shares since the opening of the suspension. It is expected that the relevant matters should be dealt with before July 14, 2010.  The suspension of the company's shares caused a new round of speculation about its restructuring, and the "gossip" between the two had once again floated on the surface.  "China-Canton Nuclear Backdoor" topic again after the company announced the suspension, on what it called "major issues" of the market have all sorts of speculation, but the hottest topic is early rumors of "China-Canton nuclear Backdoor". At the beginning of this year, the share price of Shao-shares once appeared a continuous rapid rise in the market, then the "fuse" is "China-Canton nuclear Backdoor" incident. When media reported that the matter had been "finalized on New Year's Day", the Shaoguan government requested China-Canton nuclear project in Shaoguan to invest tens of billions of of billions of dollars, the first phase of the project will be as high as 30 billion yuan, as its backdoor shares of the conditions.  In the first place, the CLP will inject its wind power assets and some of its hydroelectric assets into the future and inject nuclear material assets at the right time. Such news, because of its unique nuclear theme, as well as "reorganization of the party" in the vast scale and deep background, so that Shao-energy shares quickly become the focus of the market attention.  Although brokers, funds and other organizations have heard the news after all expressed strong concern, but because of its uncertainty and dare not "bet", Shao-Shares in January this year issued a notice said that there is no such thing, and the next 3 months without such plans. The rumor of the reorganization of the sudden halt, so that the shares of Shao-energy share is not strong.  This year, the unit has fallen for several consecutive months, with a cumulative decline of 32.42%. But it is July and the 3-month period previously promised by Shao-energy shares has passed.  At such times, the company suddenly announced the suspension of major matters, naturally caused a new round of restructuring rumors. After the announcement, from the major financial sites of the stock bar can be seen, many titles with the "Medium and Broad nuclear", "reorganization" and other words of the post quickly emerged.  A lot of investors believe that the reason for the suspension should be the Sino-Canton nuclear reform to the shares. Bosera Fund Lonely adhere to Shao can stock suspension, "restructuring" to become the mainstream market speculation. This has also led to a very different reaction from investors. There is a natural expectation that the stock is still in the market, and investors who have been out of the game even yesterday seem to be annoyed. If a once held the stock, yesterday just sell the investors in the post reluctantly said: "I buy more than 7 Yuan Shao can shares, just 4 yuan more cut meat out, everyone help me!" "In fact, not only ordinary investors, but also the fund has been unable to adhere to, the early departure of the phenomenon." The company's stock price in 2009 years due to a large influx of institutional funds and a wave of soaring, from January 1, 2009 to August 6 of the year, the stock price rose 167.39% to 7 yuan.  From the summary of the year can be seen, huaxia dividend, Social Security Fund 110 portfolio and Shanghai Securities have a strong interest in the stock.After this time, the fund to enter the unit constantly "shift", Social Security Fund, Shanghai Securities and China dividend has long since withdrawn, while the South Heng Yuan, Guangdong Yuyang 500, the fund and the Bo Strategy has entered. But at the end of the first quarter of this year, only when the strategy always adhere to, since 2009 three quarter to buy 18 million shares after no changes, other funds have to withdraw or reduce.  And as the fund gradually withdrew, the stock price also returned to about 4 yuan. Previously, there has been news that there is indeed a backdoor Shao can share the intention, but the stock price because the institution admission and beyond the medium and broad nuclear "four or five yuan" psychological price, making the reorganization stranded.  At present, the institution leaves, the stock price returns to 4 yuan nearby, perhaps is providing the advantageous condition for the backdoor nuclear. And if it turns out to be true, the strategy of blogging will undoubtedly get a surprising return.
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