"Shao Lin Bronze Man" unveiled in Beijing, mobile phone security popularization activities to protect consumers ' personal privacy and property security

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Recently, 6 body solid as copper and exudes a golden ray of "Shaolin Copper" in Beijing Fung Lian Plaza debut, just as the Thunderbolt surprised, soft if the seabed dragon of the wonderful martial arts performance attracted the crowd of applause. This is not Shaolin Martial arts festival site, but the mobile phone security leader of the 315 mobile phone safety common sense of the site. Lin Yu, chief executive of the network, said the event was to take this opportunity to call on mobile phone security manufacturers, activist agencies and the media and consumers to act in "3.15 International consumer Rights Day" to protect consumers ' personal privacy and property security.

It is understood that the Network Qin 315 activities of the theme of "Have You have me, 3.15 Network Qin invited you to build the Great Wall of mobile phone security, from Zhongxiaoxie, the North Association, China and the Jifeng Network and other authoritative institutions and the media dozens of guests attended the event and issued the" mobile phone security Hundred scroll ", attracted the site hundreds of people's attention.

The Citizen Chen is a company staff, she thinks the Network Qin's this activity really is very intimate. Miss Chen told reporters that her mobile phone often receive some spam messages and harassment phone, sometimes the phone in the middle of the night will suddenly sound a few times, very annoying but do not know how to do. In the "mobile phone security Hundred scroll", only to understand the original mobile phone security there are so many small common sense and prevention methods, very useful.

Mr Cheng is very impressed by Shaolin Bronze, who thinks Shaolin is a symbol of Chinese traditional chivalrous culture, and contains a spirit of "country". Although it is only a form, but I also feel a strong sense of social responsibility, but also let me have a more understanding of the brand, but also let me more trust in this brand.

It is also understood that the number of mobile phone users in China has exceeded 1 billion people, ranked first in the world, but with the number of mobile phone users to record a record high, the corresponding is the explosive growth of mobile phone malware and the lack of user security awareness, consumers lack of basic knowledge of mobile phone malware, knowledge of mobile security, Also do not know how to protect their mobile privacy. Network Qin held the campaign to advocate the consumer has a good mobile security awareness, will undoubtedly let the common sense of mobile phone security into the hearts of the people, this year, CCTV 3.15 Party Theme "Build integrity, have you have me" coincide.

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