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Everyone knows that corporate websites need to be promoted, and there are many websites that do training in the market. But so far none has become a portal site for training industry. Websites that are purely website-based and do slightly better are websites for quality learning, network.

Promotion of corporate website is divided into offline promotion and online promotion, as to which promotion is better? Can not be generalized, different sites need to focus on different promotion methods, I would like to share a little promotion of corporate website approach, or divided into Online promotion and offline promotion.

First, online promotion

Online promotion is the most commonly used promotion method for most websites during the initial stage, and is also the most economical way. According to the general effect, the descending order is as follows:

1, search engine optimization. This is the most effective promotion because it is "free" and "once and for all," and the great benefit is that once you have optimized it, it can bring a steady stream of potential customers to your corporate website.

2, forums, blog promotion. Is to organize their business a little information, made more attractive, but not like the way the ads to their own industry-related Web site to publish, so that more target customers to see their site. This promotion is not the most important thing is how to post you to not let the illustrated bamboo removed, or not masked IP, etc., more importantly, their website must be readable, in other words must have to attract others come every day Things, such as what I'm doing (AmoyWeb) In addition to many training courses, you can also download training materials for free, watch videos for free, evaluate for free, and more.

3, with other sites. This method is to find a site with their complementary, but not very competitive site for cooperation, exchange members, or swap ads, jointly organized online activities and other ways to achieve common development. If the cooperation is good, it will be a good promotion method, mainly depending on your ability to plan activities and your ability to negotiate.

4, keyword delivery. Say SEO done above, but you can not optimize all the keywords, you still need to spend some money to Baidu to run keyword ads, do Baidu promotion, after all, Baidu is China's largest search engine, especially Google exits This is especially true after the mainland. Of course, you can also do Google's keyword promotion, so for your SEO is also of great help.

5, mass mailings. This is the oldest website promotion, still valid. However, with the further development of Internet anti-spam nowadays, it is already outdated in the past to randomly grab a mess of email addresses on the Web site and then mess it up. What you need to do is fine database marketing: first analyze who your target audience is on your corporate website, and then think of where your target audiences are going and go to the place where your target customers are focused to get their contact information

Get down and group them by region or by specific events, introduce your own website or share something useful. Those who have opened or emailed you have to mark them as your "prime potential customers," and when you really want to promote your paid product to them, you'll find that you did it early The job is very useful, well done, you only need to send 1000 mail, you can bring you 10 paid customers.

6, online activities planning. As a corporate website, you generally have some of your own resources. You can use your own resources to organize and organize some online activities, give members some prizes, and mobilize members to actively participate in your website construction so that your website will be sticky, Popularity can be more and more prosperous.

7, news speculation. Now this door often appears on the Internet, the door, the parties can almost all Internet users know her (overnight), but in the end almost all the doors are speculation. Visible news hype can quickly make some people famous, of course, can make some sites fame. However, the difficulty of press speculation is not small, and may evolve into negative news, this should be prepared to prevent. It can be said that news speculation is the web site promotion "Sunflower Collection", very powerful, but also easy to use.

Second, offline promotion

8, free offline marketing activities. When you get some potential high-quality clients through online promotion, you need to know them offline and listen to their ideas so as to design or improve your company's products. While maintaining customer relationship, you can let you More products in the market. If a company does not engage in offline marketing activities, it will always give a very snobbish or impotent impression.

9, put outdoor advertising and other buildings. This can put some ads in the Focus, mobile TV and other places, establish their own company's "big brand" image, the promotion of the symbolic meaning is greater than the actual meaning, if the company developed to a certain extent, it is best to put it, you can make your pre-accumulation The corporate image to get a qualitative leap. Although rich companies are not necessarily good companies, but the company is basically not good money company, how to let people know that you have money? Advertising. But do note that this can not be swollen face fat red, just in case, so as not to fall into financial crisis.

10, training site. As a training website, you need to provide training service to customers. Providing satisfactory training service to customers is the most fundamental reason that your company can survive. It is also the best way to advertise your company's website. You must provide it at the training site Satisfied with the service, do not forget to advertise your own corporate website, get them to your site to get something of value. If you do well, the client will praise your company in front of your friends and relatives, who will virtually advertise your site for you. New Oriental, Beida Jade Bird and other successful training company is popular throughout the country by word of mouth.

To sum up, whether you do online promotion or offline promotion, you have to remember that you are sharing something of value to others or providing good services to others, rather than deceiving some of the traffic, traffic if you can not be converted Customers, are all good.

Of course, if you have no confidence in your company's products, and you can not change the company, you are advised to change a company as early as possible because there is no future in that company and your promotion will be greatly curtailed, Affect your own career development, no new company is willing to believe that you are saying "My promotion is very good, but my company's products have problems, so the promotion is not good, it is not my fault, they The problem, and I can not decide ", the new company will only think that your promotion does not work.

Well, it's late, and for the time being, there are some directional things that I hope will be useful to everyone. Finally recommend a very comprehensive SEO manual "complete knowledge of SEO manual," a good reference for rookie:

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