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Summary: Hello everybody, I am the imaginary son rain. Every day there are many webmaster in Admin5 and Chinaz share some experience of their own stations, but very few people are in the sharing of the systematic knowledge of website promotion, many are talking about one aspect of the skills, or do outside the chain,

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. Every day there are a lot of stationmaster in Admin5 and Chinaz share oneself do some experience of station, but very few people are sharing the systematic knowledge of the website promotion, many of them are talking about one aspect of the skill, either do the outside chain, or do the content, or do the inner chain, or a smaller area. Website promotion system is a word I see in Baidu Encyclopedia, feel that this word is very consistent with our SEO promotion site, because the site promotion needs us in the system and the overall grasp, the following to share their own internal optimization of the site of some of the views of the system, may not think mature, but the emphasis on sharing.

Site optimization starts from the beginning to do internal optimization, this is beyond doubt. Good SEO at the beginning of the station will consider the site's internal optimization, will be reasonable layout of the site, so that internal optimization to achieve systematic. Internal optimization can be divided into code optimization, link optimization, content optimization and keyword optimization Four aspects, the following one by one to introduce you:

1, code optimization

In fact, the best site is the most streamlined code. I met a webmaster, code optimization is particularly powerful, general website home page is at least 2-3 screen bar, but his site has only one screen, there is no need to talk about FLASH,JS calls, frame frame and other needs attention, he has done very good, here does not introduce his website, there is a suspicion of playing advertising.

Of course, as a qualified SEO we sometimes do not need too much code knowledge, but the basic knowledge must be grasped, such as simple HTML language, meta tags, h1 tags, alt tags are more important. Personally think the META tag is the most important, because we want to set the site title, site keywords, site descriptions, and H1 tags are relatively important, because many times we use this tag to highlight keywords.

So how does code optimization change to be systematic? I think we need to follow two major principles: first, the code needs to be as concise as possible; These two principles seem simple, but few webmaster can do, especially for some of the use of labels, many stationmaster feel powerless, here will need everyone in practice slowly accumulate experience.

2, link optimization

When it comes to link optimization there are a lot of places to say, because links are critical to the site. Good website general link level not more than three layers, or more than 1.4 layers, not because the search engine can not crawl, but because the search engine will give deeper pages lower weight. We can look at Sina and other large portal sites, they are very reasonable to the link to grasp, in the link optimization to do quite well.

The optimization of the site links are mainly divided into URL links, navigation links, anchor text links and links four large sections.

A, the Web site link is the website URL, a lot of people in fact for this link optimization work is very little attention, here I put forward also is to give everyone a small hint. URL link optimization is to be reasonable, as short as possible, also said that the level of the best less, and do not use the page title pinyin directly do the page URL, because the general will be relatively long, search engine crawling will be more impatient, if it is done in Chinese web site that is even worse, because there is no can crawl Chinese web site machine, will only translate them into a pile of garbled, this everyone in Baidu search keyword when you can find.

B, navigation links not only is the site's navigation column, there are various pages to users to browse more Web site information links, so must be reasonable to recommend their own site information on the need to do navigation link optimization, to give users the best experience;

C, Anchor text link is we do internal link optimization when the most important, because these through the keyword anchor text link to other pages of the site link, can help us improve the site keyword ranking, anchor text must do well, not only need us to do the site's main keywords, but also pay attention to do column keywords and long tail keywords ;

D, links, in fact, is to give other sites a chain, here everyone is saying to choose a high relevance of the site to do friends chain, I think is due to two aspects of consideration, one is the same industry keywords can be on the home page for their own site to increase the keyword density, improve the keyword strength, on the other hand is to get the same industry site a vote of confidence , to the search engine good evaluation. Of course, I personally think that there is no need to be so strict, as long as friends chain site included in the chain rankings snapshots and so on are also excellent, in line with their own website exchange can be.

In fact, do a good job of these four aspects of the Web site is basically completed optimization of the system, here to be again and we mention that the site must follow the internal link is reasonable and effective, the principle of distinct levels to ensure that the link is simple and reasonable.

3. Content Optimization

We have been talking about content for the king, the importance of visible content. I've talked a lot about content before, but there's probably not much to be said about the specifics of the content, so let's take this opportunity to talk about it today. Content optimization said popular point is original and false original. Pseudo original need to do four words: additions and deletions inserted change. Original need to do two: first, clear format; second, knowledge authority.

A lot of people to the false original understanding is copied over casually change, this is not responsible for their own site, we must pay attention to additions and deletions inserted change. increase, generally in the head of the article to add a text, at least to add a sentence; Delete, is to remove some meaningless, deleted also not great sentence paragraph; Insert, is inserted paragraph of text, but note to be related; Change, do not need me to say more, change text inside text, it is important to integrate their website keywords. And the original should pay attention to the layout and the authority of knowledge, this does not need me to say, original need our knowledge of the industry is very thorough.

Content optimization of the system may rely on these two points is not enough, but also need us to have a strong editorial ability, large site editors are very professional people in the work, small sites do not do so well, but also to do, so that the content does not become their own short board!

4, keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is actually our ultimate goal, the key words are mainly keywords, auxiliary keywords and long tail keywords. The main keyword is of course we have to optimize the place, where we rely mainly on these keywords to do anchor text to help improve the ranking of keywords. About keyword optimization of the text I used to many, we can go to see the "long tail keyword mining tips five: How to write articles according to key words" and "quickly improve the weight of the site three: keyword Win", here is not too much introduction.

Well, this article is introduced here, we must pay attention to do the site to promote the internal optimization of the system, the four aspects are done well, we can be very good optimization of the site.

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