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Website links in the green after Baidu after the algorithm, by the "vigorous" has become gradually quiet. But with the continuous adjustment of Baidu algorithm changes, the chain and the weight of the chain is getting lower, the site's friend chain is still a site optimization transfer weight and flow of an important way. Therefore, many stationmaster and seoer in order to let the website obtain the better weight and the rank, still will painstakingly seek the suitable friend chain to exchange. However, there are always some people in the wrong, hope that through more rapid and easy way to get high weight and flow, thus, the use of high weight Web site one-way links to become their means of achieving the goal.

There are several main methods of friend chain fraud:

1, the use of nofollow tags to cheat, such a way because it is easy to check out, the frequency is also getting lower;

2, the use of JS code instructions. JS is a shielding search engine spiders instructions, after the site of JS processing of friends chain, although direct click Jump and use webmaster tools are no problem, but search spiders crawling not friends chain files;

3, to do a jump link, the friend chain of the site first through the jump to the third site before the page will enter the real friend chain Site page;

4, the exchange of friends and then the chain of friends to remove others.

In the above several friends chain fraud, the second and the fourth is the current frequency is still relatively high form, but only the second is unable to find through webmaster tools, so, the most impact of the most is also the second type. Today, Guangzhou billion network small series to share with you is a use of JS code friend chain fraud case.

First of all to understand our Guangzhou billion network friend chain website situation:


Take a look at the rankings:


Whether it is from the weight and ranking, are quite good sites, daily traffic is also good. Let's take a look at each other's website weights and rankings:



Note: The above rankings are only part of the reason for space. But from a variety of data can be seen, both sites are high weight high traffic site.

The two sides exchange friends chain, the other side of the site home can see Guangzhou billion network keyword for "guangzhou website construction" link, click to directly into the Guangzhou billion Network website, the following figure Red Box section:


Use Webmaster tool query, friend chain does exist, the following figure:


To this step, if the webmaster and seoer are simply open from the other side of the site link to click and use webmaster tools to query the friend chain is effective, you will not find any problems, and the vast majority of exchange friend chain is just repeated the above steps, This is why the use of JS friend chain fraud is one of the reasons. But a closer look will find something wrong. Let's take a look at each other's snapshots:


Use site command to query each other's website and then click on the Map box in the "Baidu snapshot" to enter the other site to see the other site friends chain, the results are as follows:


From the above figure we can see from the Baidu snapshot into the other site to see the friend chain position is empty, that is, Baidu Spider did not crawl to the site of all friends chain. In order to prove that the site is not a problem, after loading the site, in the home page blank click the right mouse button to select "View Source code", pull to the friend chain position to see, the results are as follows:


We can see that there are no links to any of the friend links sites. Or you can try using the CTRL instruction query on its source code page.

We look at the other side of the site outside the chain, query to its site under the section two page below:


To this step, the basic can judge the other side is the use of JS shielding the spider's instructions and the chain of friends cheated, and the other side of the site is not what we have shown to see so simple. In this case, do not want to be affected by their own site, of course, the fastest speed of the friend chain removed.

Found that there is a friend chain deception problem, to quickly remove the other friend chain, otherwise it will lead to their own site rankings drop even the site down the right situation. At the same time Seoer and stationmaster in exchange friend chain time also want more simpleton, have trust of course is good thing, but pay more attention to detail problem, can make our diligently optimize of painstaking effort not be taken away by others easily.

Because of the privacy concerns, we have to deal with the above parts of the information, if there is inconvenience please forgive me. But you stationmaster, when your website appears the rank descend and so on unusual but does not find out any reason, should check your friend chain. Article: Guangzhou Construction station, reprint please keep the original link. Thank you!

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