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I am really not alarmist, practical experience of the lesson.

See every day so many people in the query SEO, included, ranking, keywords. Results The more SEO found the problem. Not the key word dropped, is included, or be down right. Why? It's really simple. You see here every day, think people say so good, so good. Originally you have included the article, there are keywords what, run to change. Finished, you have to know that you changed a little bit, and sometimes to Baidu and Google are very sensitive, will lead to a few days or more than a week of instability. You see no effect, and then change, even worse, the more the problem. Change it a few more times and you'll be screwed. If your site is not a big problem, you get more original content, it is the best seo.

Say a few personal experiences of blood:

First lesson: Always submit sitemap.xml to Google

There are a lot of people ask me this question, is not the site every day in the update, you have to submit sitemap file every day? Otherwise the Sitemap submitted is not new. In fact, after eating n times, on the n back when the experience, Sitemap Basic for the new station is more useful, its role is not to ensure that your site can be included, but let you give Google a way, it can be a little faster to include your site. This of course is more useful to the new station, if you are the old station, there is no need to submit Sitemap. A maximum of one months is a good time to submit.

Submitting Sitemap Every day will kill you. Because you submitted the Sitemap,google need time to deal with, has not finished, you have updated, the final result is that it is constantly processing your sitemap, in determining which one you submitted is the latest. And in the Google Administrator tool, you'll be prompted, "You've recently submitted one or more sitemap ..." And I think a lot of people have seen this tip.

In fact, I haven't submitted a sitemap for a long time. Let the beads come from their own, and guide them on the line.

The second lesson: What is the key to divide the problem, I was fooled a few days ago.

My original title keywords are used-or | Forum n Many people say with _ This is better, well, this is good, I will go to change, I will be the article page title keyword separator by-changed to _, and then rebuilt the page. The result, is the keyword row all drop, home snapshot Baidu does not update. Because they are all going to deal with-and _ the update went, and indeed a part of it has changed. But what use, the original weight of a very high page was changed after the weight is gone. This is the lesson of blood.

In fact, it's no problem to separate with-,|,/,&. When I understand it, it's already late. Fortunately I was two years old station, turbulent two or three days also good.

The third lesson: SEO need patience, must not be urgent.

Mixed in here n many people, are hoping to learn a trick, today go up, tomorrow has effect. I faint, to the hospital to hang glucose is not so fast. After you change, search engine correction and show that the middle of the short three days five days, long one months, a few months. All expect to change today, IP rose several times tomorrow, it is unrealistic.

The fourth lesson: there is no need to see every day, keyword rankings, the more see the problem

Why do you say that? You see it in the morning, at noon, and at night. The result is a little different, your heart began to drop a thump, is there a problem? Where to change? Then the development of the Forum to ask questions, asked what to change. The result is a bigger problem.

In fact, SEO is very simple, you insist on writing something every day. At most to add a few outside company, the website no big problem don't worry about. Not 10 minutes, 8 minutes to check a collection. I used to be like this, the more the more tension, 35 days to look at, found every time there are surprises. Use the time to update.

My website is November 1, 09 revision online, changed three days later, because of IP problems, switch IP, stopped four hours, Baidu and Google spent more than one months to return to normal. Especially Baidu, the forum K into only a home page. Of course, it's now back to about 400 pages. That one months, I write an original article every day, to tell the truth, write me Out of my wits. I don't know what to write. Sleep every day is thinking, tomorrow write something. The content of my website is not much, the aid platoon is now only 316, that is to say altogether 316 articles. In February I checked the whole station of the PR, a total of 25 pages of the PR is 2, the first page is 3. Recently disorderly seven or eight was changed some things, do not know if March can return to PR4, before the revision of my PR4, to the end of December, it fell to 3.

The first time to write so much, with everyone. My views and opinions are not necessarily correct, and we learn together. A friend that makes sense and has a little use for you.

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