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Holiday frequency more and more, especially after the Spring Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, 51, do a good job of holiday marketing is a shopping site can not ignore the main points, many webmaster also know this point, they have launched a variety of promotional discounts to attract users ' attention, but unfortunately, Can really be good at using promotional information, improve the site conversion rate of the webmaster are very rare, why? After the author's analysis, is generally because of the traditional promotion of the thinking of the shackles, did not find innovative method, the following author on the combination of their own experience, to share with you!

One: Use time to grasp the user's psychology

Time is a panacea, to grind the wounds, also can increase the emotion, more can create the wealth, to the website promotion, then can effectively promote these promotional information the credibility and to the user increase sense of urgency, let them feel this promotion time is short, if did not seize, then does not know when can have the more favorable sale condition, So before you add the last term to the promotional message, often can produce more power, of course, this period can not be unlimited extension, the author often on many websites, found that a lot of promotional information is over the course of time, such promotional information, and how to attract the attention of users, and some sites get a clearance sale, Can be a sale for several months, which in itself is a deception of users, without the trust, but also can not improve the conversion rate of the site!

Second: The holiday promotion information appears in the website location is very important

If we are careful, every holiday, many portal sites will be more festive, in addition to the atmosphere of the holiday, but also greatly enhance the visibility of a lot of promotional information, a lot of holiday promotional information is in the form of a window, where I think, If it wasn't for the big portal that was already rooted, or honest in a prominent position on the home page, using the form of eye-catching banner advertising, do not use that dynamic window, because it may be because of your window information, will affect the user's experience, it is a bit more than the gain, of course, as long as your site has a certain loyal users, Appropriate to make a little dynamic window, promotional video, the impact will be more obvious! Anyway, promotional information should be placed in a prominent position on the home page! Otherwise it is difficult to increase the conversion rate of the website through the holiday promotion information!

Third: "Free delivery" to be used properly

Shopping site in the promotion, "free to send" is often one of the main means, but it is similar too much, if there is no certain new ideas, often will be considered just a gimmick, just like a piece of a year, the irony of a real estate sales advertising, said to buy a house to send furniture, and finally get it, the owners buy their own furniture, The real estate business sends the car to the landlord to send, this kind of trick person's free to send, the best still do not play, if play this kind of cleverness, the final disadvantage or oneself!

Four: My coupons, your men.

A popular slogan for the Chinese New Year is "coupons" you accept, it is through a kind of shopping to send vouchers, coupons, coupons and so on to stimulate the consumer's desire to spend the next time, many consumers purchase a certain amount of goods on the site, you will get the amount of a very attractive voucher, and these vouchers, Need to go to the Web site again to be able to convert to purchasing power, if not consumption, that is a piece of waste paper, so many users in order to make these vouchers and other coupons have a certain purchasing power, will certainly take some cash to buy the goods on the website, so that can enhance the conversion rate! This kind of promotion form, this year particularly popular, And the effect is particularly good!

Of course in the promotion of the time, but also pay attention to appropriate publicity, like many backyards on the street will be a big horn, in the hoarse shouting vomiting blood sale, clearance sale! Only let more people know, can make holiday promotion effect become better, for the website promotion, then through the soft text propaganda, Through the major peer Web site advertising is essential, only so that can play out the greatest power of holiday promotion! The above content by in Admin5, reproduced please keep the URL, thank you!

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