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Want to find the right friend chain is not an easy thing, but also definitely not a difficult thing, one weeks a friend chain has not changed to not because of this thing how, but their own problems, I did not find the right way to do this thing, the other side is because of mentality. Several sites to find friends at the same time chain, coupled with other assorted things, the person in charge of daily inquiries, so his heart impatient, a hold this impatience to do things naturally can not go smoothly. UFA tea () optimizer analysis is as follows:

when I clear this point, I began to calm down, think of a friend to give some of the methods, at the same time to analyze the hands need to change the friend chain of several sites, and then to make a plan for themselves. As a result, every day can get a chain, and the process is also very rapid, generally 20 minutes can be changed to a friend chain.

do seo know friends chain, then friend chain for a website exactly is the same how the existence of website construction, website optimization played what role?

Popular Point, "> Links in fact, is in the home page of someone else's website to add an anchor text about your site." We all know that the homepage of a website is the most weighted page of the entire site, your link exists on this page, the equivalent of this site as a search engine recommended you this site, so the existence of the site for your natural is a good thing.

In addition, the existence of the chain of friends, like people, 11545.html "> We have an old saying," Birds of a feather flock together. "The same site, your site and some of the same industry compare good sites have links to the link, the search engine for your identification will be more friendly, Similarly, your site and a number of bad sites have links, search engines are also associated with your site does not have a good impression. So say, change friend chain must be prudent, rather than the lack of excessive.

so change friend chain specific to my own website to bring what specific benefits, the following to sum up.

1) To improve the visibility of the site. It's still hard to do this, but when your site is getting better, it's not something you can't do. And the large-scale Portal class website makes the link, naturally will enhance your popularity invisibly.

2 Increase the weight of the website. The premise is that each other and your site is quite or better than yours.

3) is well known for raising PR. This is a simple explanation.

4) can indirectly improve the flow of the site. This is also very well understood, if the user entered a website on that site to see your site and then click to enter, so that your site brings traffic.

5) Enhanced keywords. The importance of this can be imagined, do not repeat.

understand the exchange of friend chain on the site's benefits and pros and cons, then we will be in exchange for targeted exchange. Here is a talk about the exchange of friends of the chain to pay attention to the matters and skills.

first analysis of their own website, to understand their own site is how a situation, in the PR and snapshots on what advantages and disadvantages;

first, through the friend chain Exchange platform. I commonly used is the Poly Rui Net and Go9go, many friends chain is found on the above. There are categories above, you can also choose a PR snapshot, such as different levels. We can buy and exchange. And there are ready-made contact way, very convenient. In addition to find at the same time you can also publish exchange information, if your site PR is good, there will be a lot of people come to you.

second, this method is one of my common methods. For example, I now give a sell emerald site to find friends chain, then I search in Baidu inside "Jade Jade" "Yunnan Jade" "Burmese jadeite" and so on, and then search results inside there will be a lot of the same industry site and is the weight from large to small arrangement, and then I will analyze each of these sites and their own site is quite, Or better than their own site, if pr=0 others pr>4 will give you change it, certainly not. So be sure to do a good job positioning, so that will be twice the effort. Do this, and start contacting the other administrator. All Web sites have contact information, online messages, online inquiries, and direct contact numbers. Will definitely let you find each other. In addition, you find the site itself also has its own links, so you find a site can follow to find more sites.

third, exchange friend chain time, must exchange outside the province, do not exchange the same province.

Four, exchange must look at each other's snapshots, yesterday's snapshot is the best state, if their own conditions are not good, you can relax to a week. Must not exchange those six months have no snapshots of the site, not much meaning.

fifth, the exchange must be sure that the other side is not dangerous site or is down the right of the site, this is very good-looking, look at each other included in the page and the chain, if the two are high but the PR is low poor words that there is no need to consider.

Six, each other's friends chain not more than 35-40, otherwise in exchange there is no value.

seventh to first do not think outside the chain the more the better, the appropriate quantity can play the best effect.

Eighth, do not use pictures to do friends chain, the effect is not to say, not to be recognized by search engines, the text of the search engine is to accept the fastest.

Nineth, remember that you must not change your website name, or before the very likely in vain, so in exchange before you want to use which words to do keyword and optimization.

Tenth, to find friends of the chain must find relevant industries, preferably peers, do not hang their own sheep head but to find the site to sell dog meat chain. Even if the other side of the PR in the high, on your site is not very meaningful.

11th, add friend chain Best is a day not much, otherwise will be search engines think there is cheating suspicion. I usually add one every other day.

12th, in the setup process of robots, to avoid setting for nofollow, this label search engine recognition degree is not large.

13th, Exchange friend chain don't just quantity, not seek quality, friend chain this thing Ningquewulan.

14th, the exchange of the attitude to be sincere, especially to send for the exchange of information, the tone to be polite a little humility. This will give you the chance to reply.

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