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Abstract: Content for the king, the chain for the emperor. The importance of the chain is needless to say, many webmaster do in the SEO are considering how to do high weight outside the chain of effort, links nature is a very simple direct high weight outside the chain method. and the purchase link is more than the self

Content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor. The importance of the chain is needless to say, many webmaster do in the SEO are considering how to do high weight outside the chain of effort, links nature is a very simple direct high weight outside the chain method. and the purchase of links, is more than their own cumulative link to easy, effortlessly can get PR and Baidu weight is very high outside the chain. However, with the continuous development of the link market, many problems are not as simple as we think, businesses to their own link service packaging more brilliant. Markets are like this, there are opportunities, there are risks. If you do not improve your ability to identify, the purchase of links is easy to suffer. Today, you should share your skills in purchasing links.

First, examine the link the hard index

1 PR do not have to excessively pursue, value the website Baidu performance

Link their own indicators, businesses will say very clearly, such as PR, included quantity, industry type. However, from the point of view of the link sale, we need to consider the historical characteristics and forward-looking of the development of the website. Many times we will encounter such a problem, that is, the site's PR is very high, but the number of included in Baidu is very small, and PR is not proportional. For example, the website below.

A PR of 6 site, included in the number of only 223. Here, we can completely ignore the PR value of the site, after all, Baidu occupies the vast majority of the domestic market share. With Baidu's data is more authentic. Baidu weight through the query, the site's Baidu weight of 0, recorded history, also has been around 200. A not long update of the site, no Baidu rankings of the site, empty PR value, can you bring any benefits to the site?

Therefore, we recommend that you pay more attention to the site in the performance of Baidu, we face the market is different, since can not change, to adapt to it, do not too serious site PR value.

2 Number of links

Before the link, when the purchase link is most popular, a website can hang more than 200 sold links. Think of all terrible, so many one-way links, each site can get the weight of the transfer value is very small. In addition, the purchase of links is generally a long-term need, a lot of sales links to the site, often this month's PR or 6, after a two-month since the export chain to take over the right to more than 4. This is, of course, the opposite of the original intention of our purchase link.

Ii. precautions before and after purchase

Purchase links In addition to the site's hard indicators, but also need to pay attention to site SEO principles. There are several main points.

1 The relevance of friendship links

General view of the current link market, the sale of news stations, the majority of industry stations. Search engine in SEO optimization, will take into account the relevance of the link problem, so we buy links if the industry is far apart, naturally not the best results. Now that you decide to buy, you have to buy a good one. If you are doing photography of the site, buy pictures of the kind of site links is more appropriate.

2 regularly visit linked sites to prevent the occurrence of joint effects

Search engine in the processing of SEO cheating more and more stringent, no matter which search engine, are penalties. Usually a site is down the right, the corresponding links to the site also no good days. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly audit the purchase of linked sites. Webmaster tools through the query under the PR, Baidu Weight, site home, the number of chain and so on. If the problem is found, contact the seller in time to terminate the cooperation. Prevent web sites from being implicated.

3 The credibility of the purchase of business

The quality of the link is one thing, and more important is the quality of the merchant. We not only buy goods, but also buy business integrity. Before I bought a link, Taobao on a few, the results of a short period of one months on the chain. Drilling Taobao over the time limit can not complain about the loophole, the site suddenly stopped, the impact on the SEO is very big. Can only spend a high price to find other businesses back. Say this thing, not that Taobao link can not buy, but want to tell you stationmaster, buy link must choose a trustworthy platform or individual. Link is a long-term cooperative commodity, once determined, be sure to maintain stability.

Third, the purchase of links can not be radical, more should do a good job website

1 to purchase the link period, increase the original content of the site update quantity

The first sentence of the article said, the relationship between the content and the chain, since the chain do not bother, the content of the site in this period must maintain a greater than normal time to update the intensity and original quantity. Good site is comprehensive assessment, if only from the one hand, it is easy to cause the search engine suspicion, and the sale of the link itself is a cheating behavior. Optimize the site from a number of aspects in order to prevent the site to reduce the risk of power, but also to promote better site optimization.

2 The progress of the purchase link

Do SEO need to make plans, purchase links more so. A new station is unlikely to bear so many high weights in the short term of the chain. Gradual construction of the outside chain. Many businesses to buy more and send and group purchase policy, you can buy a one-time purchase of dozens of, and sellers negotiate well, how long on the chain, how many, the middle can change the time on the chain. These discussions are good, in the follow-up SEO process can better grasp the progress.

Reasonable purchase links can play a multiplier effect, we suggest that we can better use SEO investment to do a good job site.

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