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Write Bo also almost 3 months, the ups and downs of this came. To do a good job in SEO, need to do things. To hell with the pure theory pie. Before writing a website on the optimization of a single article, build Bo do most of the SEO webmaster's first step is to connect ready-made test their level ability. Of course, we need to give customers professional services. Then from the SEO scheme to come! Today's website optimization to share with you under the SEO program writing and flowchart.

An overview of the writing outline is intended to attract readers of the programme and to generate interest in the implementation of the programme. The best writing feeling is vague, but it seems real. The content of its writing generally includes the following three aspects:

1. The benefits of implementing SEO itself

2. Why should the site be SEO? That is, the need to implement SEO optimization where

3.SEO How will the site change after implementation? That is, we did SEO optimization after the effect of where, to be persuasive.

The internet has gone through so many years, with the development of search engines, search engine marketing has become the preferred network marketing.

Comfortable E-commerce blog is the search engine marketing to define: Search engine marketing is a comprehensive and effective use of search engines to carry out network marketing and promotion. Search engine marketing to pursue the highest cost-effective, with minimal input, to obtain the largest number of potential customers from the search engine access, and generate commercial value.

II. website Detection

In order to understand the current state of the site, the need to detect indicators of the current situation of the site for a comprehensive assessment, that is, domain name detection. The content of the test generally includes the site's current PR value, Alexa rankings, Baidu and Google and other SE

Included, PV, IP, reverse link number.

(1) Domain name registration time:

(2) PR value of domain name:

(3) Alexa rankings:

(4) Baidu included:

(5) Google included:

(6) PV Number:

(7) IP number:

(8) Reverse Link:

(9) Ranking of existing keywords:

III. website Structure

The understanding and evaluation of the current website structure is mainly from the following two aspects:

1. Website framework

According to the content of the site, the site can generally be divided into: Home page, channel page and article page, the main issues to consider are:

① the three elements of various pages (title, keyword, description) writing. Look at its current settings to meet the search engine rankings of the optimal state, which contains the number and proportion of keywords is appropriate.

② Find out the current Web site in the framework of the problems, consider how to modify, to achieve what effect. If the content layout of the enterprise website conforms to the optimized standard and meets the visitor's preference.

③ constructs the simplest website structure. Home (First level domain name) + Channel page (level two domain name or a directory) + article page (each channel page directory under the simple path)

④ consider whether to enable a level two domain name. For site subordinates, the use of level two domains makes it easier for users to remember the site's access address, thereby retaining the user.

2. Website code

The site code considerations, generally mainly technical SEO, the basic content is:

① from the search engine's point of view, the simpler the site code the better;

② page dynamic and static page, the page generally includes dynamic flash, pictures and other elements, should be from the page load, user experience and so on to consider SEO;

③ the technology used in the Web page, writing language, etc.

Iv. keyword detection and analysis

Keyword detection analysis of the object is mainly the first page, Channel page (List page) and article page all the current use of keywords, the general steps are:

1. For the competitor website, luo lists all the keywords.

SEO Program Flowchart


Hope that these can give the vast number of SEO webmaster to provide some help, we have to shoot more bricks, more exchanges, more guidance. We all learn to progress together. Lu Cong Network Marketing Blog look forward to your arrival.

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