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Absrtact: WordPress does not need me to introduce, quite good open source construction program. Today to share some of the suggestions of WordPress optimization, welcome everyone to shoot bricks. 1, URL structure WordPress allows you to change the default link form, so as to improve the readability of the URL and

WordPress will not need me to introduce, a very good open source construction program. Today to share some of the suggestions of WordPress optimization, welcome everyone to shoot bricks.

1. URL structure

WordPress allows you to change the default form of links to improve the readability of URLs and the friendliness of search engines. We choose what kind of URL does not have any special requirements, if it is a news class related classes, such as timeliness, personal feel the choice of date and article name better, this way to the user more clear and friendly.

/%postname%/or you can also add categories to the/%category%/%postname%/(note: If you have multiple categories of an article, the URL will appear in the form of multi-level directory), and if it is Chinese WordPress, The Chinese title is sometimes automatically displayed in the URL, will cause the URL of the Utf-8 code URL is very long (if you choose the Utf-8 code), QQ chat, such as copying the URL will be very long, and sometimes will appear by the QQ system automatically truncated.

Of course you can be lazy direct use of digital forms, such as SEM opinion/archives/%post_id%, you can also choose the number plus the form of the article name/%post_id%‐\\%postname% according to your own needs to choose the URL

2, Robots.txt

Personally feel that the structure of WordPress itself has been designed very well, and the search engine is also very familiar with the bold use of confidence can be assured

User: *

Of course, you can use the WordPress theme and Spider crawling records, to make reasonable settings.

3, reasonable planning site weight

Home not full text output, the full text output of a single post also became the "part of the content" of the first page, resulting in the weight of single post is reduced, the full text output sometimes you will find a search for your article home page is ranked in front of the single post.

Planning WordPress Theme Sidebar

You can use zero to introduce the WordPress plugin widget logic planning under the sidebar, such as a lot of WordPress theme default each page will display the latest article options, and the WordPress home itself will show the latest article in time, So it's not necessary to set up the latest articles and assign these weights to some of your other hot articles that you want to focus on optimizing. Setting up the latest article on other pages can also ensure that search engine crawler can index our newest articles from which entrance, help new articles to be included. Of course, can also set other such as friendship links.

Dealing with the author, Read more, meta function options

Many WordPress themes default to display the author's hyperlinks, All a lot of people will be in the robots.txt to author to avoid duplication of content and so on, this familiar WordPress theme directly remove the theme inside the hyperlink is good, after all, by the robots.txt blocked URLs are sometimes also assigned weights.

There are a lot of people think in the home page article read more one is confuse spider, moreover such son according to Google's saying anchor text is too broad, then I still directly in the subject changes do not show just like SEM opinion, or use before the introduction of the SEO Ultimate Read More to the hyperlink for the title content.

Meta function options, my suggestion is to remove it, wordpress login URL is basically wp-login.php very good to remember, not necessarily every page is put on, waste weight, and old people like to click on Registration, forget admin password reset link Ah, etc.

4. Duplicate content Processing

The inevitable WordPress will also cause some duplication of content, such as comment paging, etc.

Then we do not set the comment page chant, unless you have a lot of comments, I think you can have so many comments and popularity, you may not rely on SEO

One of the things that is easy to repeat is the tag tag, many people do not how to use tag, in my search for some key words in the process often tag will often appear in my sight, and then you observe the spider crawling records, you will find Baidu spiders like crawling WordPress tag URL, since it likes it, write good tag let spiders crawl.

A lot of people don't write the reason I'm afraid it is similar to this.

ZAC: I blog did not write tag, one of the reasons is to want different tag, too troublesome, I simply do not write, but have the time of the children's shoes, you can write, and then, the content in addition to original, this does not say, everyone knows, but also have a personality

Processing of archive pages

My advice is for pages that are archived with dates

<meta name= "Robots" content= "Noindex,follow"/>


WordPress Ping Service for Chinese

About Ping Services You can view:


Site Map

Use the Google XML sitemaps to create a sitemap, you can write Sitemap address to robots.txt inside, webmaster tools in the site map will be directly identified easily submitted, not manually input.

Many wordpress themes come with Archives page templates that can be used as site maps for users.

Site Chain

About the site within the chain on the use of zero recommended WP Keyword LINK, this plug-in is based on the smart Link development, the original author of the Smart Link Pro version of more powerful unfortunately too expensive, see the introduction has a lot of good places and details of the very place to deal with.

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