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Sorer is most concerned about two aspects, one content, one outside the chain, these two aspects can largely determine our site keyword rankings. Today we talk about how to get a stable chain of resources:

A forum signature

This is the most SEOER we use the most, we can see a lot of forums are full of SEO figure, as long as it is basically able to anchor the text with the band, can not write directly with the URL (add a related domain Is also good), like outdated, push one, A5 and some other high-weight forum their weight is high, we can give priority to, of course, we also have some other forums to see, as far as possible our foreign chain comparison Broad, this looks more real. Search engines will judge, if our website is a few stations outside the chain, the search engine will be that we cheat on our site is influential.

Two soft paper

The role of soft paper SEOER is now considered effective method, we can see how many people go to A5 posting day can be judged. The number of foreign chains brought by a successful soft document can not be counted. Nowadays, there is a popular saying "like to share" on the Internet. If your content quality is good enough, it is necessary to increase the external links. So how can we write soft paper? Can refer to my share of the preparation of killer soft paper tips.

Three support blog

Do not know if you have found it, the portals of these portals are also very high weight of their blog, we made an article may be included immediately, so we can raise these blog through the early props, and then the weight of these blogs to us The website, this method is also good. We can write articles in the blog and then bring our web site, this can give us a lot of foreign links.

Four question answering system

Many people are now through these Q & A platform with a lot of traffic, these questions and answers included quickly, and the rankings are quite good, do not know if you have such an experience, when we search for a keyword, the front row often have those Q & A platform figure, but now the question and answer platform is now more stringent audit, the early we have to keep numbers, of course, there are still many techniques to do these platforms, and this we talk again next time.

Five submitted to the open directory

Submitting our website to these open directories can give us a lot of foreign links, but many of these directories are included in the cycle is very long, we can start from the simple.

Six submitted to the link platform

Now there have been many link platform, we can submit our site to these link platform, one can give us the resources outside the chain, two we can get friendship links, why not?

Seven friendship links

Friendship links are basically the home page link, a website is the home page will be the basic weight will be higher. Therefore, the quality of website links exchanged by our homepage will directly affect the ranking of our websites. Some websites take slow snapshots and do not include them. All this will have a relationship with this friendly link. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the exchange, to do it selectively.

Eight Favorites category

There are a lot of online free online favorites, Internet excerpts, bookmarks, etc., you can add your web site address and article address, the workload is relatively large, I remember persevered, I do not insist, I only Get a few.

Nine query sites

Are you concerned about their own resources outside the chain it? There are a lot of outside the chain are from our inquiry in the information left over from our website, because of the high weight of these sites, spiders crawled, even if our resources outside the chain It's

Ten purchase links

This method is the most common way to do SEO black hat, can bring a lot of foreign chains in a short time, but the purchase link is like eating opium, once purchased, it can not stop, or the impact on the site is Very large, so I do not recommend that you use this method.

The top ten is to do a little SEO outside the chain of little experience, I hope to be helpful to everyone, so the most important thing is to adhere to the word outside the chain, do not fish for three days, two days drying nets, so on our site Is unfavorable, after reading this article, I hope your resources can sit back and relax.

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