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Learned so long seo, there is a key word slowly to do the first sad process, have been Baidu hair of the dejected, there is seoer friends with each other's easy pleasure, also have the site was hanging Horse's wrath, today I this half tune seoer to share with you in the process of SEO summed up the 5 words, The master will bypass it.


For beginners, learn SEO must start from the noun explanation, do not always want to quickly improve the ranking skills! What if you write about the title? How do I determine a keyword? What do links do? What is a search engine spider? such as such problems are not clear, it is best to get down to earth first from the SEO noun. Baidu Encyclopedia, Google Webmaster Tools can find a better answer.


1, analysis of competitors

To determine a keyword before, you must first analyze the competitor's website advantages and disadvantages, absorbing these advantages for their own use, this can give SEO a good competitive situation, the whole analysis process of SEO project implementation has great value. How to analyze it? Coast feel can first from: Each search engine performance, internal and external links quantity, quality, website content quality, update frequency and so on.

2, more analysis of their own website

Is the website's design, layout, and structure reasonable? Why is the site ranked by the right, by K? Did you analyze the user's search habits? As a seoer will be through the continuous analysis of their own web site to progress.


Practice more and practise more. The best way to learn SEO is to practice, a lot of theoretical things in practice can only be regarded as a signpost. To apply theoretical knowledge and extend it to improve one's level online many of the theory of SEO can be said to be general or one-sided, do SEO must be combined with the actual development, so we'd better take the experience of others according to their own actual practice, so as to find suitable for their own SEO optimization path.


Sometimes, to see their optimization of the station rankings do not go, Shen Qi, learn to operate and deceive the search engine, but also created a black chain and mass software market. Indeed, through a number of means can be achieved to improve the results of the ranking, but as the search engine technology continues to improve, in the future to make a good judgment on such a way, and recently found signs that Baidu's weight of one-way links has been reduced in moderation. So we should not rely on this speculative way, I believe that as long as respect search engines, then search engines will respect you.


Be good at summarizing. SEO technology is followed by the search engine algorithm to go, with the update of the algorithm, SEO will also change. SEOer should be good at summing up experience, master need not paragraph in learning, practice, summed up in the thinking of growth.

This article from the Dongguan SEO talents, welcome to Pat Bricks.

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