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Now for our webmaster The most difficult is the site, the relevant departments of the rectification is really a shame, a knife cut also to point too fast, the Internet rectification I have no opinion, can be "Dear" IDC space business, you don't have to, ah, always close my website, every day to open the computer first thing, is to see if their website is still alive, all day fear, are quickly depressed dead ....

January 6, that is, yesterday in Sina technology to see a news, said Ixwebhosting host business officially announced the withdrawal of Chinese customer service, some time ago that they launched a Chinese website, also did not care, but, See them to launch the Chinese customer service, I decided to try the whole ixwebhosting space, although they launched the Chinese station, but the Chinese station to buy the process is all English (embarrassed), thanks to their own English is also good, with the use of translation software, a night to finally buy a successful, Now I buy their host the process of writing to share with you, perhaps to need friends to help, nonsense not to say more, now cut to the chase.

First of all, open's website, click on the upper right "host scheme", into the host Solution page, I purchased the unlimited host, click the "Register Now" button (to this is the Chinese interface), pop-up a dialog box, no account number, the first No, Create a new account, have an account, select the second yes, use the existing account, I do not have an account so click the first No, then, will pop down menu, then, click on the "re-enters rodering" button, to enter the next page.

This page seems to be the choice of host program and time limit, and there are three buttons below, is to buy the host and domain name, the existing domain name, only to buy the host, I just buy the host, so I chose the third button, choose Good, click "re-enters rodering", Then you can see the scheme and the price I bought, then click on "re-enters rodering" to go to the next page.

After reading the page, the original is to fill out the personal information, mainly fill out a few content:

1. Access Information (account information): Fill in your mailbox, set the secret of the account

2. Contacat informantion (Contact information): Fill in your surname, name, street address, city, telephone, postcode and other information

3. Billing information (Payment information): Select payment type, credit card payment, Alipay (Alipay payment)

4. Terms of Service (Payment agreement): This does not need to go to the tube, check agreed to the agreement on it

The mailbox, the password and so on, here is not much to say, as long as you truthfully fill out on it, fill out, I will go to pay, remember ixwebhosting support Alipay payment, all find how to use Alipay payment, find a good one, and finally I found out, originally in the third "billing Information ", select Alipay payment, after the selection, entered the Alipay website for payment (are in Chinese), input Alipay account and payment password to complete payment.

After a successful purchase, it is estimated that about 10 minutes or so you will receive ixwebhosting mail.

Although this article is not long, I bought the time but spent a night, mainly or English do not, do not dare to move, are to see clearly before the next step, write so much! Now go to the space I bought, try it, have a chance to write something else.

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