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Time blink of an eye, flash I also have more than 10 years of Internet experience, although these years have done several websites, but to later no site is successful, in the end, or discreetly. Now want to think that time has wandered, confused, depressed, until now I do not quite understand what the webmaster is doing? Since doing now this site (free home), I finally determined the direction of the site, now I am the Free Home Resource network throughout the construction of the station process and share with you.

1, the Domain name choice: a website domain name and our name is same, how to play a nice and good memory of the domain name is not easy, that time all day to how to combine domain name, Non-stop search is not already registered, to the domain name Trading Center to see if there is a suitable domain name, see whether the price is in line with their own bottom line and so on, for a domain It took me one months. As the saying goes, strewn, now this domain name in my fast lack of confidence, through the site name of the first combination of Hanyu Pinyin.

2, Site content: In the construction of a site early, the site content has been positioned, we can not numb to the pursuit of such as Sina, NetEase, such as the portal structure, after all, we are small and medium-sized webmaster, there is no capacity, energy, funds, talent to operate so all-inclusive site, we have to play our expertise Work hard in a very small area. When I chose this very small area of free resources, through Baidu, Google Non-stop search for the same type of site, and constantly compare those top-ranked sites have anything special, for their own station to provide content reference, often you build station direction the finer, the more easily successful. But with the passage of time, often refer to other people's website, will produce aesthetic fatigue, the old feeling that they have no one else's good, this time do not have to site templates, content at random changes, or will be the search engine penalty, site down right or K station often produced. So once the site content positioning, not to the last resort must not easily change.

3, site record: in China to establish a website to meet with Chinese characteristics, often a lot of webmaster did not take this piece of the matter, that my site is not illegal, you can skip the site record. I this site (free home) is also the same, when my site has not been recorded, Baidu, Google and other search engines have included a lot of pages, did not think of the communication Bureau was suddenly blocked the site space, the reason is not prior to the local communications authority for the record, But when it took me nearly one months to put the record in place, Web site by Baidu, Google and other search engine k off or down right, it took me three months to make up this fault, only to reach the original three months ago, this is a novice webmaster is a painful lesson.

4, website optimization and publicity: Talk about Optimization (SEO), we casually in Baidu, Google search, can be said that the overwhelming, in fact, for optimization, we can not focus on, but can not ignore it, after all, traffic to the search engine. Do a good job of Web site optimization can allow search engines to include more pages, so that the top of the site, can give their own site to bring more traffic, but too much attention, but let the site by the search engine to judge as a spam site, it is easy to K, then what flow is not, As once an old webmaster said good: Site optimization is not to optimize, original content and daily update is the best optimization. For the website propaganda is each stationmaster more headaches thing, a website does not advertise, but "behind closed doors" certainly will not have how many flows, even if you all are original content, also does not help. Then we can only keep on publicizing, but publicity has a degree, how to grasp this degree is a new topic. A new station on the line, if the short time inside and outside the chain growth too fast, too much, but counterproductive, the biggest consequence is that the number does not increase, or even snapshots, the last K station there are many. So as a new station must endure a period of time, let the content slowly included a certain number, in order to increase some soft text, forum or blog outside the chain.

5, Website profit: What is the purpose of doing the station? The beginning of the article I said, so far the webmaster what is not clear answer, in fact, only one answer: profit, only the profit is the solution to the survival of the site. Financial crisis conditions, nothing but a few, Ggad, ad League, Asia, but for a want to grow the site, obviously far from enough. Profit as the final sublimation of the website development, can not find a good profit model, it directly limits the development prospects of the site. For example, webmaster Network has been separated from the above several models, relying on various aspects of enterprises and AdSense ads to obtain a profit model, after all, such a model of their own decisions, but also relatively stable.

Attached myself (free home website after a large six months of efforts, and finally saw the dawn, this income relative to other profit model of good webmaster, it is a piece of cake, but for me, let me have to continue to do the hope.

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