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Do SEO unknowingly has more than two years, years, from which to get a lot: about SEO technology, about SEO thinking, about website promotion, bit by bit seems more and more in the mind of molding, today I have a little view of SEO written out, there are about the technical aspects, but also on the strategic aspects, There will also be about life, in fact, this article is more like a recordset, just and SEO-related records set, I hope webmaster can like.

First, it's technical.

My understanding of SEO is time cumulative effect, but must pay attention to station optimization. Time cumulative effect is that everyone usually said quantitative changes caused by qualitative changes, a lot of related are in the cumulative gain, such as the weight of the domain name, such as the number of included, website traffic, Alexa rankings, user stickiness and so on. The new station in all aspects seem very deficient, the emphasis should be placed on the improvement of content and station based optimization, such as the construction of the chain, structure optimization, URL adjustment, the appropriate use of H tags and so on, preferably not large area for keyword optimization. After months, the site formed the original primitive accumulation, this time the focus is to promote, and in the promotion, one of the very important thing is keyword optimization.

The second is the strategic

SEO technology is important, but SEO thinking is more important. Only to the reasonable rules of the site, to find the appropriate, clear profit model, is the ultimate goal, so, SEO technology is just as a tool and means, if you do not have a good positioning and profitability, then SEO is futile. But many good profit models are related to their own products and the nature of the industry, so, to find different industries different points, learn to analyze industry trends, learn to understand their advantages, focus on doing a good job, and their own SEO knowledge and industry to carry out the best effect.

In addition, the industry

I am a personal webmaster, so I do the station in the process of the first problem is the industry problem, is to do news station, or beautiful picture station, is a small game station, or Taobao guest, after careful analysis, found that these are not my strengths, nor I am interested in the direction, Mavin is interested in building stations, Help many small and medium enterprises to use the website free of charge, therefore, I choose the virtual industry, this industry does not have too much cost, the price of freedom is relatively large; here to the webmaster advice is to choose their own familiar or have the resources of the industry to enter, do not blindly follow the bandwagon, what others do to make money is someone else's, we and others are not can only compare with oneself, completes oneself to be able to do, is close to the success one step.

Finally, health.

This question must be said, because oneself deeply troubled. In the computer for a long time, enthusiasm is not before the high, at the same time, the body is not as big as before. In school, often play basketball, the body has been good. And now, there seems to be a problem with the cervical spine, digestion seems to have a problem, with the computer next to do more and more time, such a problem will be more and more, so that the webmaster to work for a period of time after going out to exercise, for a long time next to the computer is easy to appear sub-health.

Said four aspects, are their own past two years SEO road summary and experience, I believe that many webmaster have the same feeling. Seoer is not easy, webmaster is not easy, want to do a thing, must be reasonable to plan, we must learn to adhere to, in the SEO way, Mavin has insisted for more than two years, hope to continue to adhere to, but also hope that more webmaster learn to insist. This article by the Japanese Inflatable Doll website ( feeds, A5 starting, reproduced please keep the link, thank you!

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