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A new website built, the flow of low, no one to patronize, is the majority of webmaster very headache a problem, how can we solve this problem? Of course it's propaganda. And there are many ways of publicity, specifically in which way it is worth our discussion. Below take my website on-line this one months to promote the experience, with everybody novice stationmaster to share, the old stationmaster can bypass, does not delay your time!

1, the stability of the framework of the website: the new station built after not rush to the line, to test the perfect before submitting. Now a lot of online templates, build a station is also very fast, but after the on-line may find not too appropriate, want to modify, so often the result of changes is caused by the search engine unfriendly, not conducive to inclusion. My Site a few days ago whim, added a news section, passed up after a few days to change one, in exchange before I checked whether there is included, the results are included in the 0, so rest assured that the revision of the bold, but did not think of is 1 weeks later, in Baidu suddenly more than dozens of included pages, and those pages I have already deleted, Estimate my site will make a bad impression on Baidu, after a half month after the revision has not been included. So through this example, I summed up two points: (1) do not make too big changes to the site, to design and then upload. (2) Search engine collection is not immediately displayed, may be displayed every few days, do not know what the reason?

2. The importance of. A new station does not have several links, but the search engine is included and few, the visitor nature is few. So the promotion work is particularly important, I used the promotion experience:

(1) SEO, such as keyword optimization: Now on the internet everywhere said SEO, I also do not understand, anyway is according to the above as far as possible to optimize some key points, here I do not say more.

(2) Mass mailing: The internet to find a mass mailing software, registered more than 10 mailboxes, sent two days mail, thousands of QQ mailbox, a little effect, there are a few from the QQ mailbox over the visit, but the effect is not obvious, if your site is not attractive, then these visitors may not come again.

(3) Write soft text: This is a recommended method, but this method is too tired, who so have time to write a few original articles every day Ah! But as long as you can write, the effect is guaranteed, write soft text published to some of the high weight of the site, included will be very fast, usually a few hours will be included, The first time I can find my web site from Baidu, is in the ADMIN5 published a 15 days to build a station to talk about, so far can search from the top several of my original works, a little lazy, one months to write a few, so that you published more, the effect is very good.

(4) More links: Of course not the more the better, preferably add some than their own PR value high, but this is very difficult, a new station does not have any status, to carry forward the characteristics of thick-skinned, moved them, ask them to add our links (haha, a bit humble), sometimes a good bit of the webmaster will take us a ride. If you can't find, you can only look for some of our site links, but do not disorderly chain Ah, to have a selective. I built a self-help chain page, want to really change the link to join it, not sincere do not disturb.

3, the quality of the site is very critical: to optimize your site, do the station, more update, do an excellent station, develop their own user base, to make your users spread, wildfire, as long as this can enter the benign development track.

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