Shareholders strongly questioned St Nine issued a reorganization of the price of a suspected violation

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St Nine small investors on the restructuring process of the issue has been reflected to the Shandong Provincial Securities and Regulatory Bureau, but they said that the regulatory bureau is not satisfied with the reply.  As of yesterday, St Nine has been connected to 17 trading. 4.91 Bucks! As of yesterday, the St nine issued a continuous 17th trading, but investors to St nine of the questioning voice is getting higher. This Tuesday, this newspaper reported the "St Nine" Fatten "two Super Retail", there are st nine of investors call this newspaper said, most people only see the St nine consecutive trading surface phenomenon, in fact, St nine bankruptcy reorganization of the entire process, full of irregular and small retail investors "exploitation", super Retail indeed "  Fat ", but 80% of investors are still in the" deep set ". Nanshan Group "picked up the cheap" yesterday, in the St nine shareholders, the Beijing Morning News reporter on the internet with a number of investors to communicate. and St nine of "small scattered" also told reporters their nine of the various questions. Among them, investors to "Nanshan construction of the targeted additional price to 2.21 yuan" and "nine after the reorganization of assets significantly reduced" expressed extreme dissatisfaction, and said, as a result of bankruptcy, nine shares in less than six months time from 12 yuan in a hurry down to 1.7 yuan, 80% of investors are deeply set among them,  Now less than 5 yuan share price is far from the investor solution. According to St Nine issued May 25 announcement, the company intends to put into the assets side-Nanshan construction of directional additional 600 million shares, the issue price is not less than 2.21 yuan per share, its pricing to take "no less than the benchmark date of 20 trading day company stock trading average price." Investors said that this is actually let Nanshan group "pick up the cheap."  Because the St nine in last year's bankruptcy reorganization has let the circulating stock shareholder to let over 30% of shares, if consider above factor, 2.21 yuan of additional price is equal to let the before crossing 1.55 yuan. Additional price to determine a suspected violation in addition, in accordance with China Securities Regulatory Commission "on the reorganization of the listed companies in the restructuring of the major assets of the public company to restructure the stock issue pricing," the reorganization of the listed company, involving the company's major assets reorganization of the proposed shares to purchase assets, the issue price by the relevant parties after consultation, submitted to the general The resolution shall be passed by more than two-thirds per cent of the voting rights of the shareholders present at the meeting and over two-thirds per cent of the voting rights of the public shareholders present at the meeting.  The supplemental provisions are designed to give small and medium shareholders more opportunity to exercise their right of speech, but the St nine has not been set out in accordance with the rules, but instead has adopted the usual 20-day average for restructuring.  Is it worthless after the reorganization? According to the normal people's understanding, the additional reorganization is usually to inject high-quality assets into the company, after the reorganization of the company net assets should be promoted. However, St nine after the reorganization of the net assets per share will be from the additional 1.31 yuan before the issuance of 0.79 yuan. Some investors according to the South Nanshan construction as of March 31 this year's preparation balance sheet calculation, after the completion of this transaction, St nine of the asset-liability ratio will be from 44% toUp to 88.12%, up 1 time times.  Investors are hard to understand, after the bankruptcy reorganization of the St nine why more and less valuable? Yesterday, St Nine, Mr. Shao, a representative of the Beijing Morning News reporter said that they st nine issues in the process of restructuring has been reflected to the Shandong Provincial Securities and Regulatory Bureau, but the Board's reply is difficult to make investors satisfied. In recent days he will continue to complain to the CSRC on behalf of hundreds of St nine shareholders.
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