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At present, E-commerce in full swing swept the major industries, not only the emerging industries to join the war without smoke, more traditional industry is also a big march. So, is also recently made a name by themselves printed online mall as an example, to share their own for the mall site optimization strategy. Fast-forward web site optimizer analysis is as follows:

Build the station strategy

with your heart printed on the mall is the introduction of Alibaba Amoy outside the station, the beginning of the author is not very understanding, because the company decided, so also did not go through the number of preliminary studies. However, it is just so, now found incredibly is to invoke Plug-ins to achieve the front page and related functions, this may be most of the webmaster has not experienced, so not very understanding. I do not want to do more introduction, can only warn webmaster friends, if not the last resort to Amoy, for optimization, user experience, art are very unfavorable.

However, the advantage is that the cost of the station is relatively small, while the integration of the payment system and management system, the general normal business price should be at 5000 yuan up and down. The

Optimization strategy

Optimization strategy is mainly for the content of the site and keyword research, from the perspective of the search engine included in the site content and external anchor text optimization, can be divided into the following areas:

1, domain optimization

Domain name optimization is mainly focused on domain name rewriting and pseudo static processing. In particular, to do Google optimization, domain name must be pseudo static processing, and preferably in the domain name contains keywords, Baidu's requirements are relatively simple, but also emphasize the dynamic parameters of the domain name (not more than 3) and the length of the domain name.

2, framework optimization

Front page design using Css+div, this is a better understanding; reasonable use of JS and Flash, the absolute need to control the loading speed allowed and content included under the premise; the structure of the website is mainly the flat structure + tree structure, Reasonable to reduce the level of the site, while allowing reasonable layout of the site content and weight of the transfer.

3, content optimization

content is the basis for ranking, but also the basis of SEO, Baidu attaches particular importance to the content of the site. Content optimization is mainly focused on the optimization of the label, here to emphasize the author's own experience of META Tags: the title must contain keywords, but also to ensure the density and rationality of the appearance (readability), the words by the keyword is not strong, nothing more. Description is more important, this important is mainly targeted at the click Rate, a good description, even if the ranking is not the first, you may get more clicks than the first.

To do the label optimization, the following is the anchor text settings and page similarity to solve the problem. This aspect of the operation of a lot more, everyone online search can come out many, their own choice for their own can.

article page content optimization is a cliché, the keyword, position, density, emphasis on settings, the above is basically the content of the article page optimization method.

4, Outbound link construction

Outside the chain is an important link in the rankings, especially for Google's rankings, outside the chain is more important. For the outside chain aspect, the main is divides into the forum outside the chain, question and answer platform outside the chain, blog outside the chain, SNS outside the chain, information platform, business-to-business platform, bookmarks, favorites and so on, outside the chain more need to analyze the different resources, is mainly included rate, this is the majority of seoer will not care, but is not Often important. Through the evaluation of the rate of collection can better grasp the number of external chain and the timeliness of the chain, to avoid the daily release of the chain and included a disproportionate amount.

5, server side

Most of the seoer for the server to understand less (I was one of them), but the server for all aspects of the site is more important, here includes the server's operating system, support functions, settings, These aspects will affect the SEO specific settings. For example, domain pseudo static premise is the server to support rewrite function.

Robots, sitemap, 404 pages, 301, 302, web logs, these are closely related to the server, so we must have a basic understanding of the server to achieve the specific aspects of the operation of the SEO. Basically the code involved is based on the server operating system to choose different code, but the code is written dead, not much difficulty, online search under the know.

Here need to emphasize that, for micro-blog, search and ask, at present, the author is known, are doing JS, can not be counted outside the chain of things. Can be attributed to the promotion of resources, and is very good promotion and brand building resources.

Active Policy

a good mall, in addition to the optimization and user experience, the form of activities and deployment is the most important. A good activity can better promote the promotion and conversion rate, but also for consumers have greater appeal.

Marketing Strategy

The quality of a mall is mainly reflected in marketing, an important direction of marketing is the analysis of data and the rational use of marketing tools, micro-bo marketing, im Marketing, EDM marketing and the Network Alliance, PPC, And the latest app marketing is a great way to choose one or more of the methods that suit you. . Remember all the marketing effect must have a OH data on the collation and analysis, or never find the pros and cons of marketing. The
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