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Summary: Shanda Group's asset clean-up consolidation continues. Last weekend, the industry news, the Royal shell of the electronic split, E-book business is classified as Shanda literature. Yesterday, the Shell Electronics new CEO candidate announced, head of Technology vice President Guxiaobin concurrently shell electronic generation

Shanda Group's asset clean-up consolidation continues.

Last weekend, the industry news, the Royal shell of the electronic split, E-book business is classified as Shanda literature. Yesterday, the Shell Electronics new CEO candidate announced, head of Technology vice President Guxiaobin concurrently Shell Electronic agent CEO.

Shell Electronics is a grand group of consumer electronics hardware products business sector, previously mainly operating Shanda Bambook e-books and Bambook phone handset two business. After this split, the E-book business returned to the grand literature, mainly to the head of the Cloud Bookstore, Shanda Literature Vice President Liu Qiang report, while the mobile phone business is attributed to the master technology, become its wholly owned subsidiary.

In conjunction with this adjustment action, the Nutshell Electron also announces the new successor, Guxiaobin. Earlier this month, Guo Zhaohui, the former CEO of the Nutshell, announced he had been resigned for personal family reasons.

Shell electronics insiders to the "first financial daily" confirmed that Guxiaobin is currently acting as the CEO of the Shell Electronics, he also served as head of science and Technology Vice President of the post.

Guxiaobin I confirmed the news yesterday in an interview with this newspaper. He revealed to this newspaper, master technology is a recent Grand Group CEO Chen, COO Danian Brothers in the Grand group outside the joint venture to set up a new company, November 18 just set up, mainly focused on mobile internet applications. This business section is now mainly led by Danian.

This series of adjustments related to the Shell electronics, Shanda Literature, the Masters of Science and Technology, Grand Wireless and Grand Innovation Institute and many other business sectors. Since the introduction of the electronic book business in 2010, its ownership has undergone several adjustments. The original Grand literature is responsible for its marketing promotion, then into the shell of electronics, online content operation project also in the Grand Literature Wireless company, a number of grand wireless transfer between.

Shanda before several years also intend to unified Grand wireless business, also repeated twists and turns. Each business plate wireless business integration due to internal resistance, integration difficulties, group structure adjustment, business demand changes, such as many times, two years ago, the grand wireless experience of layoffs, the original wireless business early this year, China friends century also in the form of MBO from the grand graduation.

And for the Grand Innovation Institute, the previous slimming adjustment is still continuing. In August this year, the Grand Innovation Institute merged to search the main courtyard, at the same time merged into the Royal Online data Platform department, integrated video, voice, image technology team for Multimedia Innovation Institute, and formally set up the mobile Internet as the major direction of the Mobile Innovation Institute.

Since then, the Grand Innovation Institute conducted an internal project review, with a view to centralizing resources to support the 20% items before the noun, according to the industry news eventually six projects are also facing the end.

People familiar with the matter said that after the technology was established, some of the hatching projects for mobile internet would also be transferred. Others who have been given a grand waiver, or who have not enough support, have opted out. For example, last week, the original grand Group of music video ROM project team to join the overall music TV project, in charge of the video Internet TV project LeTV UI Research and development, in addition to Huawei has been the original Grand Innovation Institute focus on webOS team.

For Shell Electronics, the split was more focused on mobile smartphone business. Before the Shell released a mobile phone, but did not disclose the specific sales figures. Close to the shell of the electronic mobile phone industry in accordance with the supply chain, channel industry parties to calculate the news, the Royal mobile phone shipments of about 50,000. Familiar with the Grand group, said the grand mobile phone research and development team from the old Motorola Department, a small number, but fifty or sixty people deployed in Dalian, compared to other mobile phone companies are not enough, at the same time Shanda group on this investment is insufficient, but also some too impatient.

Nutshell, Shanda is also doing a series of adjustment, from their own research and development design to rely on the ODM route. A person familiar with the matter said the shell is now actively engaged in the industry's various designs house companies, and intends to revert to the mainstream architecture such as Qualcomm, no longer rely on the original research and development team.

Now, the shell split into the technology of the Masters, may be more focused on the investment and more relaxed development space.

This series of adjustments roughly will be the original hatching of the mobile internet business a consolidation comb. In fact, since last year Shanda has been actively promoting the company of its incubation projects, and actively seek external financing development space.

In addition, the Grand Group business consolidation is another key point is "big video strategy" Implementation, will be a grand online advertising system, a grand cloud computing, Grand Innovation Institute of Multimedia and search projects such as integration.

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