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When it comes to website promotion, most webmasters are not unfamiliar, but how much do you really know about website promotion?

I want to really understand the site to promote the webmaster or very limited, I remember is about 2000 years, the real first batch of stationmaster just born, at that time stationmaster more is Maintenance website problem, did not relate to the concept of website promotion. With the rapid development of the network, development so far, now webmaster more and more inclined to the Web site marketing (promotion) direction of development. I am also a new network promotion Commissioner, I also last year to contact the network to promote this concept. Learning website promotion to now, has tried different promotion methods, from different promotion methods summed up the different promotional experience to communicate with you. Here today to you talk about is the network promotion in the bar promotion!

Bar Promotion is the site to promote the effectiveness of the fastest way to promote, we have done paste: Baidu (bar), search (search), Sogou (say), Youdao (Quick stickers), Sina (Sina), Gold (bar), and so on, the most direct purpose of website promotion is to bring customers and traffic, of course, the former most important (customer). But in terms of promotion from the bar, it brings more traffic and visitors to the site, it is difficult to bring direct customers to the site, the reason is 2:1, stick is a place for entertainment, gossip, we rarely because of a piece of information to buy a product, From this we can see the user's psychology: They come to stick just want to see this product of the relevant public opinion, and did not buy the meaning of the second, paste is a quick way to promote, more popular bar, we send a post will soon sink down, so that our promotion there is a certain degree of difficulty: we have to keep the attention of this post, To ensure that the post has been posted on the first page to show. So in the bar promotion process we do not seek from the bar to bring how many customers to the site, we only ask us posted in the information is seen, click the most. Can bring traffic to the site is that we do stick to promote the most important ideas, of course, sometimes stick bar can also bring a small number of customers. Such opportunities are few ... Oh!

So to do website promotion (bar), we must first consider, post bar is for our website to do what? Can not say that we rely on the site bar to do the only promotion, other promotion we do not do, there is such a bad idea, free promotion too much, do not have been hanging in a tree!

Well, today to tell you a simple stick to promote some of the summary, the next time will tell you about website Promotion Blog promotion! Please pay attention to webmaster Network!

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