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Sheng Media CEO Qingeo TechWeb Editor recommended: All along, by virtue of information, evaluation, product comparison and other content, such as auto vertical industry sites to the outside world is mainly the impression of its media value. However, Sheng Media CEO Qingeo, who is in charge of its auto and second-hand car home, recently said that the value of interaction, channel value, data mining is also the core of auto, and these three values for the auto in the vertical site 3.0 era of development more significant. According to the introduction, auto this year's action gradually weakened media attributes, and focus on the expansion of the three kinds of value. At the end of April, auto formal layout of automotive supplies mall platform. People familiar with the situation said that in just a few months, auto Mall during the trial operation has achieved break-even. Subsequently, the Auto Forum began a major reform, in addition to posting, reading the use of experience on the upgrade, but also added to the waterfall flow of the essence of reading, and protection of user privacy "Mosaic license plate function." Qingeo pointed out that, in 2012, outside the media value, auto has begun to excavate its interactive value, channel value, and the forum and the mall is one of the two points of value. For the integration of auto in the value of interaction and channel, "Vertical Web site 3.0 The characteristics of the era is personalized, interactive and in-depth application services," Qingeo that, for the site, must be completely in the user's perspective, to provide the entire one-stop service, mobile terminal access, providing in-depth application services, and the customer docking, Social networks are widely used. "Auto front-end to the site and forum content to condense accurate users, back-end into the mall and offline experience." "Qingeo said," Auto Forum, standing in the vertical port, the formation of Word-of-mouth, more marketing value, can directly bring effective consumers, vitality is also longer, this is the greatest value, and indirectly promote the development of the mall platform. "Original details:" Sheng Media CEO Qingeo: Vertical Web site focus on data mining value
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