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ADMIN5 Webmaster Network April 10 News, 2011 Chongqing Hotline Internet Webmaster Conference April 9 in Chongqing Science and Technology Museum held, the conference by the Chongqing Hotline, Chongqing web site Alliance, laggards Forum, discusz! community, Baidu Entrepreneur Club jointly hosted, Chongqing Slip contractor, Chongqing Science and Technology Museum, Pig eight ring net, Online liberation of the monument and other assistance, from more than 800 webmaster and guests from all over the country participated in this conference, the following is the 51 network CEO Shengdong East in this meeting of the wonderful sharing.

Hello everyone, first of all very honored to communicate with you, but also thank old Guo. Old Guo gave me a lot of phone calls, I think for a long time, did not participate in the activities of the webmaster circle, we also feel the atmosphere. I'm not talking about the industry website today, I'm talking about several elements of entrepreneurship. There are four main factors in entrepreneurial success, the first is about people; the second is about doing things, about the projects you do, the third about money, and about time.

First about people. A business is best to have only one leader, and only one leader has much to gain. There is also a founder of a company, or the leader of the enterprise, your efforts, the whole enterprise team's combat effectiveness is greatly added. For example, you try 80 points and you try 90 points, seemingly a difference of 10 points, but this 10 points to the whole team to increase 20–30%. The most important point about people, there is no way, you have to work hard enough. If you are the most diligent person in the whole company. If you really want to be lazy, you should pretend to be the most diligent person in the whole company. You go to KTV, certainly cannot tell colleague to go past.

The second is about the matter. What you do, a few years ago on the blue Ocean and the Red Sea point of view, there are a lot of people to do things, generally speaking, he is a better direction, do not fear too fierce competition, no way to compete, certainly very intense. Every industry will be very intense and do more. Because this industry money better earn ah, otherwise how so many people do? The more the industry is often good, the more often it is a good industry. If you are afraid, do not start a business, or go to work or what. And standing in the right direction, relying on time slowly will develop. The most convincing thing is that 5173,5173, as a professional, specializes in the trading of tour props, is also coming on the market. It is because the game is a very good industry, playing the game is very many people, 5,173 is standing in the right direction. Therefore, in this right direction of efforts, it is possible to achieve results, which is about the success of the second element of entrepreneurship, is about the project.

The third is about money. We are in contact with the capital market a little more, I used to do things related to the securities industry, so the capital market more understanding, so financing is also very smooth, but also the industry financing more companies. But back to the past, I also sold several companies, also bought the company, if you do not need money, really do not look for VC, do not finance. VC can give help is money, the other is false, he cast so many industries, which will be experts from all walks of life, if the experts from all walks of life do not need to do VC, it went to do business. Do VC money is far from doing more business. So the first point of view, if you really do not need too much money do not need to find VC, sometimes not a bad thing, and then do not have too much hope for venture capital companies. The second is not to make money is shameful behavior, you are a huge waste of resources, but also large variables. Of course, throughout the Internet era many companies do not make money for a long time, but very few, but you want to do a Taobao is very few, you want to support Taobao such a company is also very few, most companies are not such, so it is best to do profitable companies. So the third one about money to make money as soon as possible, this very realistic.

Four about time. If your talent is good, you attract a good partner, because you have a good partner, you have a good team, you have a direction, then you have money. How can we succeed? The next time, a year of accumulation, especially the brand, brand more time accumulation, the user is also. There is a word that greatness is boiled out.

Finally do a little advertising, if you are interested can add my microblog, this is my comprehensive shengdong east. Need to contact me, I have a QQ number 125XXXXXXX, relatively long QQ number. Because the QQ pays the user to be not many, therefore in order to experience the unpaid user's experience. You can contact me via QQ Mail. By the way to do a job advertisement, we hope that some brothers can help, good at network marketing, now out of this camp for many years, not good at network marketing, used to be good at. The second is the network game Planning master, is now developing the game, if you like the game, may wish to contact me. Finally the name of the webmaster can be changed, can call Internet entrepreneurs, and once again wish Internet entrepreneurs in the Internet entrepreneurship Road on the better, thank you.

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