Shenhua Group will explore and develop the Tai-GE Temple Mining area of Inner Mongolia New Street

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NetEase Finance March 4, China Shenhua 4th announced the announcement, the NDRC agreed to the Inner Mongolia New Street Tai Temple Mining area as a national key project, equipped to the holding shareholder Shenhua Group exploration and development.  China Shenhua said Shenhua Group decided to develop the new Street's tai-GE Temple Mining area by the company's holding subsidiary, China Shenhua Energy Co. The new Street Tai Ge Miao Mining area is located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Eerduosi, the resource reserves estimated 13 billion tons, is the large self-contained coalfield which has not been developed around Shendong mining area. Mineral resources are suitable for large-scale mechanized mining, which can be used to plan and construct a modernized mining area with an annual output of billion-ton commodity coal.  The new Street Tai-GE Temple Mining area adjacent to Shendong Mining area, fully integrated exploration and development, can make full use of China Shenhua existing infrastructure, to play the mining, electricity, road, port, aviation integration operation advantages. China Shenhua 4th low open concussion higher, the collection Rose 1.34%, the report closed at 25.79 Yuan.
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